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Game of Thrones Season 6

If you are a Game of Thrones fanatic like we are then you will know 25.04.16, is a very important date. We have been patiently waiting for season 6 to start. With president Obama requesting the entire season 6, which nobody in the world has access to but himself. Producer’s have kept us in the height of a frenzy, nothing has been leaked. We know season 6 will not disappoint.

To recap on the last episode of season 5…. lets see the nights watch murdered John Snow, which we refuse to accept. Ayra played with fire (metaphorically speaking) and is now blind. Cersei has finally got her comeuppance, but we fear the wrath of Cersei might just obliterate everyone, in her path, she doesn’t even know her daughter Marsela, could have been potentially murdered. So to say the situation is messy is an understatement.

Sourced via Slipthrough movies
Sourced via Slipthrough movies

As you guys may know by now, we are totally off script, the book by George R.R. Martin has run out, so who knows whats in store for us. Will Sansa and Reik escape alive? What of the red-head witch Melisandre she literally fed Stannis hopes and dreams, all for what? For him to loose his daughter and wife in the process. Sky Atlantic is airing the first episode the same times as stateside HBO, which will be at 2am our time, we can barely breathe with anticipation. For those of you who cannot stay up at that time ( you  know work and all) it will be aired at 9pm again on Sky Atlantic.

sourced via The Daily Beast
Sourced via The Daily Beast

we could go on forever, but all we know is season 6 is going to be EPIC!

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