Sourced via Idris Elba Twitter

Idris Elba Receives OBE Honor From Prince William

The British hunk that is Idris Elba has been recognised in the Queen’s New Years honours list. In our minds its been a long time coming, he has been investing in the television and film industry for over 14 years, slowly working his way up in the Hollywood hierarchy. He is most notably recognised for The Wire and ofcourse Luther. Constantly on the grind he is deemed as one of the busiest men in Hollywood. He also some how finds the time to be a DJ and launched a collection with Superdry, whilst being a family man, its exhausting just reading his accomplishments. Here is what the BAFTA winning actor had to say: “Awards and honours come in all shapes and sizes and all as significant as the other but this is beyond special, as it comes from Queen and country and I couldn’t be more proud for receiving this right now, what a year… On me head son!”

‘Flying the East End flag at Buckingham Palace today!!! OBE Day….. How does the boy look? Feeling Proppa…:)’ Idris wrote and posted the below photo.

Sourced via Idris Elba Twitter
Sourced via Idris Elba Twitter

‘Made my mum very happy today’, Idris Elba said as he poses with his proud mother after OBE ceremony as seen in photo below.

idris and mum

With Luther only being two episodes this season, does this mean he’s still in the running to be James Bond? We will be keeping a close eye.

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