Sourced via: Janet Jackson's Twitter

Janet Jackson starts a family

Long term superstar Janet Jackson shocked fans this week, by revealing her and billionaire hubby Wissam Al Mana 41, are postponing her tour in order for them to start a family. Suspicion was first raised when Janet, cut out the European leg of her tour unexpectedly. any fans had been eagerly awaiting as Janet 49, has not performed in the capital in well over 5 years. It was known the singer’s health had been a topic of conversations, but we was glad to hear it was not a cancer scare as rumoured.

Sourced Janet Jackson's Twitter
Sourced Janet Jackson’s Twitter

Many People began to question what is the right age to have a child, it was deemed to be unfair and selfish on the child to have an elderly parent. The long old argument continued, everybody knows that women have a biological clock, so that leaves the question, what are career women suppose to do? With many women leaving it later and later to start a family so they can compete with their male counterparts. Companies like Google offering to freeze your eggs whilst you climb the corporate ladder, the opportunities are endless.

Sourced via: Venturelli/WireImage.
Sourced via: Venturelli/WireImage.

Either way so long as a child is raised in a loving environment and given the best opportunities in life, why is it anybody’s business what Janet and her husband choose to do.



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