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Women’s March on Donald Trump

Friday 20th of  January saw Donald Trump sworn into the White House as the 45th President of America, leader of the free world in effect the most powerful man in the world. What did the rest of the world have to say about this character, that had created such a divide not only on American soil but internationally as well. With such a low turnout to his inauguration, and his popularity upon entering the White House at 40%, it’s not surprising Women’s took to the streets across the world to protest against him.

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Here in the UK Women took to the streets starting from the US embassy they made their way down to Trafalgar Square. Which had attendees including the mayor of London Sadiq Khan and Sandi Toksvig to name a few. This coincided with demonstrations in Belfast, Cardiff, Liverpool and of course in the capital of America Washington DC, which saw the largest turnout.

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Donald Trump has made comments which include saying “it’s okay to sexually assault women because you are rich and powerful”. Trump’s offence and lack of decorum does not stop there, he has chosen to isolate himself as he continues to offend race, religion and sexual orientation.  The march which took place across the world was a collaborative effort, for those who feel their rights have been violated by Donald Trump to stand together and announce his way of thinking is not shared by the mass but the minority.

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