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10 Annoying Facts About Periods

Period is a natural thing that occurs in a women’s human body each month on a regular basis. Although it can occur every two or three months. It depends on your body. Most women hate having periods because not only is it an uncomfortable feeling but it just has an annoyance to it.


It always has a way to surprise you. When you least expect it to come, you go to the toilet and realise oops I have just started, I am unprepared with pads. Even though you have kept an eye on your monthly cycle it still managed to come a few days earlier!


When you start your period or even a few days before you have started you start to get pinches and what feels like knives digging onto your lower stomach. This is horrible and for that, paracetamol and lots of rest will do you good.


All women must have gone through this. If you are a day late on your period, the world ends! What if I am pregnant? There is an immediate thought that pops in your head that there is a chance you might be pregnant. Do not think twice about this because most of the time, you genuinely could be late for various reasons such as; stress or anxiety.

4. It is nothing like the adverts 

On TV everything seems hunky dory and lots of fun but the men when they watch it, they do not realise how badly the women actually suffers from it. You wonder why the adverts make having a period look wonderful and flowery but this is a lie just to sell you their Always branded pads!

5. Your craving for Chocolate and Cheese

This is a common sign your period is due. You could happily eat a large chocolate bar for breakfast and not care because you are loving it.

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  6. Appetite for sex increases 

You would of thought eating a large bar of chocolate would have filled you up. No that is not enough, you want more sex. Knowing that you can’t have sex during this time makes you want it more.

7. You will run out of pads/tampons

Now this is a common one. You have used all your pads and tampons but your period is still leaking like crazy. You have to run to the shop to buy more. Do not run to much otherwise we will see it through your pants!

8. Temporary Retreat

Just when you think it has gone, a few hours later it is back again. This usually happens on the third day of your period. It likes to play mind tricks on you.

9. Check me!

Periods make you paranoid. You have that constant fear of leaking and can only be battled by asking a friend to keep an eye on your bum area in case it has leaked through your trousers!

10. Mood Swings

You will definitely know when your period is coming because your mood changes. One minute you will be happy and the next minute you will be very emotional and cry over absolutely anything! Or some people will turn into the incredible hulk and attack everyone!