FRUK offers a complete approach to safeguard your brand with maximum exposure. Our services are here to reflect your company’s values and place your brand in a great position for growth. Strong branding will not only add depth and value to your brand but also promote your brands credibility. FRUK has established relationships with personalities worldwide and our incredible VIP placement division ensures that all clients are connected with target audience from around the world. We hold strong relationships with celebrities and influencers directly; as well as relationships nurtured via agents, photographers, stylists, makeup artists, hair stylists and creative assistants.


We are here to help you with anything and at any stage of your business; from consultation, ideation, mood-board, strategy to final delivery and execution. Remember, the goal is to tell your story in a way that creates loyalty, awareness, excitement as well as return on investment.

Website Design and Custom Build: ​We will work with you from start to finish to help build a site that fits your brand. We aim for a functional website tailored to your needs. Our team of experts are experienced in custom websites, hosting and procuring the best domain name to suit your brand. 

Brand Identity and Copywriting: We believe that strong communication is the key to success. We will work with you to help you find your identity, voice as well as your audience. We can also guide you on the best logo, formats and offer any copywriting if required. 

Social media management and Content planning: Being present on social media is extremely vital to get your brand out there and build relationships with your audience. We have teams in place that can manage your social accounts for you; as well as put you forward on the best practices on growing your following and engagement on social media.

Marketing & Press: With our extensive experience, we can cover all your promotional marketing, advertising as well as PR content by generating positive media coverage and communication. Our goal is to provide essential marketing campaigns, photos and videos while trying to drive a positive reputation through an effective PR strategy. We can help you deliver your brand’s message through pr channels such as articles, conference speaking, events and features on reputable blogs and other magazines. This will enable your brand to maintain a positive reputation.


​We can help you execute your ideas and vision with our team of experts and network; from creative direction, styling, photography to production as well as delivery. Whether it’s high-end look-book, editorial, campaign, or building social media content and marketing, we’ve got you covered. Our look-book package is best suited to fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands that want to showcase; a new collection, campaign or looking for creative content to post online. We can deliver a standard look-book on white background or create editorial style images. Let us shoot your next campaign in style. 


Did you know that advertising campaign is the perfect way to impress new potential customers. A beautiful campaign can showcase your brand, the product and help tell your story in the best way possible. Campaigns are very important for several reasons including; making your brand visible, attracting current and new customers, standing out from competitors, improving your brand’s image as well as increasing sales. We offer a comprehensive production service including sourcing talent, location, creative direction, photography and high-end post-production work.


If you are an upcoming creative or brand, editorial images is the best way to attract new readers. Whether it’s through portfolio building, creating real stories or awareness, editorial images are equally useful in building a successful brand. The best part is, you can also collaborate with upcoming brands and creatives or well established ones and get your brand featured in magazines, newspapers or blogs. Editorial images are also a form of advertisement and helps to create recognition for your brand plus integrity. This is another way of showcasing your work to the world in different styles. Editorial images usually appear within the editorial column of magazines and newspapers opening into new leads and increasing sales.


Our free 10 minutes consultations offers a short advice – from how to get started with your brand to strategies to help grow your brands image. This is an opportunity for you to highlight issues you may be facing with your branding, marketing and best solution to help grow your brand and image, all from the comfort of your home. Book your 10 minutes free consultation with our expert coach now.