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Terms and Conditions

Editorial team; please note that we work with experienced professionals, but should you be unhappy about any incident at the time of shooting, we advise you bring it to our attention immediately. Any false accusations will be disregarded, any inappropriate conduct or behaviour may cause your story to become VOID. FRUK has the right to pull out your story as well as change editorial content, name, cover or other and we will not be held responsible for it nor any external issues that may have occurred affecting a photoshoot or services that was not brought to our attention immediately. Any harassment, intimidation or disappointments would not be tolerated and we have the right to take legal proceedings against you should you break any of the terms.

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Please note; some features and product reviews are now liable to charges. (Please read more about press and advertising here). Charges vary on content, placement and time of sale and all payments must be confirmed and approved by the Editor in Chief only. (Please see our services here) FRUK will not be held responsible for not featuring any content/ad that was initiated, discussed or confirmed by any other person or third party. So please make sure all collaborations, promotions or advert is discussed and confirmed by the Editor in Chief only. Also note that rates may differ at the time of sale. Your content/ad becomes active on our platform only once full payment has been received. Agreeing to our terms guarantees your content or advert remains valid indefinitely. However, FRUK has the right to remove your content/ad at any point should we feel necessary to do so or your content/ad no longer fits our aesthetic especially if no payment was made. FRUK magazine also reserves the right to pull your content or ad/s should you break any of our terms.

All products featured on FRUK are independently selected and published by our editors. But we are happy to include gifted items or review products but would only accept products that are of great interest to our readers. We reserve the right to post gifted items as desired, especially if no payment is made. However, sometimes social media stories via FRUK magazines page or editors page may feature “unboxing” posts on products we may or may not have tried, tested, nor intend to test or publish. Also, any gifts/samples received does not guarantee a feature online or in print, and we DO NOT return samples under any circumstances. So we advise you to send us gifts/samples that do not need to be returned. Finally, we sometimes earn an affiliate commission when our audience buys through our retail link and sample products may be sold in our shop or used as part of a giveaway or competition. Thank you.

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