We are now offering incredible classes that will help take your career or brand to the next level this 2021. Whether you are in the fashion, beauty or manufacturing industry or want to get into these industries we’ve got you covered. We are here to help you with anything at any stage of your business; from consultation, ideation, mood-board, strategy to final delivery and execution. We work very closely with both new and established clients to create a brilliant brand identity, fully functional website and strategies to remain relevant for a long time. We provide one-to-one virtual online classes, mentoring as well as weekly sessions. From strategic planning, connecting you to the right people in the industry; to increasing your knowledge and building the skills needed for your future goals. Our classes will help you identify your values and bring your vision to life. Our clients walk away with full clarity of their brand and thorough understanding of the industry they want to be in.

Are you ready to bring your fashion, beauty or lifestyle brand to life? Learn how to launch your very own brand in 2022 with a one-on-one online session for 5 days

  • Day 1 Finding your purpose: The industry is very competitive so you need a unique selling point to stand out from the crowd. We will provide you with the knowledge to perfectly identity who you are and what your brand stands for. While illustrating benefits that are unique to you and your brand or service.
  • Day 2 Finding your ideal customer: We will then focus on your customer profile and how to attract your ideal audience. Most entrepreneurs are unclear about their ideal customer; so they waste a lot of time and money trying to sell to the wrong people who aren’t potential customers.
  • Day 3Understanding your brand identity: We know what your brand stands for and who your audience is; now is the time to know your aesthetics. We will be going over how to come up with mood boards, logos, brand fonts, colours and designs.
  • Day 4 – Manufacturing, sourcing & production: This is where we get to cover the manufacturing process through to production. Depending on your field whether it’s fashion, beauty or lifestyle. You need to know whether you want to use a seamstress or a factory? Will you be opting for cruelty-free or just vegan friendly? Where can you find good quality manufacturers? All these questions and more will be answered.
  • Day 5 Story telling, Social Media Content Strategy: This final session is dedicated to one social media of your choice. A recap of Day 1-4, mission statement and understanding the kind of content you like versus the content your audience wants to see and the content you should be producing. How often you should post, Where to get content, Hashtags you should be using plus more. After a successful session, we will provide you with a 7 days content plan to take away with lots of ideas to help you stay consistent after the course ends. We will also be available whenever you have any future questions or need additional guidance.

You’ve just launched your brand, so what’s next? Learn how to take your brand to the next level with a one-on-one online session for 5 days

  • Day 1 Website Design and Custom Build: ​We will work with you from start to finish to help build a site that fits your brand. We aim for a functional website tailored to your needs. From procuring the best domain name to hosting and showing you how to list your products.
  • Day 2 – Brand Identity and Copywriting: We believe that strong communication is the key to success. We will work with you to help you find your identity and voice. This session will also guide you on the best logos, formats and practices.
  • Day 3 – The importance of press release: This session will enable you reach your target audience through an effective press release. Improving and increasing your brands’s reputation, sales and visibility.
  • Day 4 – Social media management and Content planning: Being present on social media platform is extremely vital to get your brand out there and build relationships with your audience. This session will teach you how to manage your social accounts; as well as put you forward on the best practices on growing your following and engagement on social media.
  • Day 5 – Marketing & Press: We will finally cover all your promotional marketing, advertising as well as PR content by generating positive media coverage and communication. The goal is to provide essential marketing campaigns, photos and videos while trying to drive a positive reputation through an effective PR strategy. You will know how to use pr channels, creating catchy articles, conference speaking, events and more to get seen on reputable blogs and other magazines.

Maybe you are not looking to launch a brand but interested in Magazine Publishing and Journalism, then this one-on-one online session for 5 days is for you.

  • Day 1 – Introduction to digital and print magazine: We will help you understand the difference between online, digital and print magazine. The types of magazines, characteristics and what they contain; from articles, illustrations, art to a particular subject aimed at a particular audience.
  • Day 2 – Choosing what type of magazine is right for you: Now that you’re familiar with different types of magazines, we can now establish which one is right for you. This depends on your goal, budget and flexibility. This class will help you narrow it down and help determine if you see yourself in the magazine business for the long run.
  • Day 3 – Art, Design and Layout: This session will help you establish the platform, layout and design options. From covers to editorials and colours and themes you want for your magazine. Also the font, style and placement for your content will be highlighted.
  • Day 4 -Journalism and Writing Skills: You will learn the basic skills of strong story telling, such as researching, news gathering as well as interviewing, to creating engaging news and features for your market. You will also learn how to reach out to brands and businesses to feature in your magazine, collaborations and paid partnerships, sponsorships and advertisements.
  • Day 5 -Print Magazine and Collaborations: You will get an insight into editorial projects around the creation of a print magazine. Where to get specialists in short run, fast turnaround, magazine printers. You will also learn real-life experience how to put a shoot together, find other creatives to work with and let your work speak for itself.

How to become a Fashion Stylist and Creative Director- Tips, Tricks and how to become a published stylist without a degree in fashion.

  • Day 1 -Introduction to Fashion Styling: What does a fashion stylist do and how to establish the type of stylist you want to become. Whether a celebrity stylist, commercial or editorial- this session will help you establish your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Day 2 -How to build a portfolio: You will learn how to build a portfolio as a stylist – get to know about test shoots, collaborations and assisting established stylists. We will work you through building a great portfolio that will attract the right clients, a visual self-promotion and sales tool for the future.
  • Day 3 -Network and Collaborations: You will learn how to build your network. Find likeminded people to join forces, reach-out to people in the industry and learn from the experts through interning, assisting and voicing your opinions on the latest trends, red carpet and fashion topics.
  • Day 4 – A Brief introduction into Creative Direction: Learn how to work on creative briefs, pitch ideas, manage creatives and more. Creative Direction is a comprehensive topic but in this session you will learn the basics and creative vision. How to be skilled and produce a cohesive artistic approach to any project.
  • Day 5 – How to get published: One of the most effective ways to enhance your work is to get published. There is more credibility being a published stylist. In this session you will learn all about submissions and getting your work out there.
  • Day 6 – How to know your style | Live and breath Fashion: Finally you will learn to live and breath fashion, be confident in your style and allow your clothes speak for you. You will learn how to be confident in the industry. Know the latest trends, fashion shows and celebrities doing great things. Having the knowledge of style – knowing that, what works for Beyonce may not work Rihanna and much more.

We also offer additional classes on how to get into the modelling industry, become a professional make artist, hair stylist, photographer or just an all-round creative individual that wants to get seen, heard and published – get in touch now.

Don’t know where to start, why not create a custom made session perfect to suit your time and needs. You can choose from the topics above or tell us what you would like to learn.