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10 Black Music Talents You Must Know for 2021

The music industry has been very interesting to look at especially with the way the world has been shaped over the last year and a bit. While music provides a sense of positivity, it also creates a new wave of different sounds. With concerts and meet and greets closed, everyone has turned to virtual methods of holding events. But that hasn’t stopped heads being turned as incredible music has caught our attention from these fresh talents. Here are 10 music talents you must know for 2021.

Chloe x Halle music talents 2021

Chloe x Halle

R&B duo sisters bring edge, fun, outstanding vocals and authenticity to music. The duo started on YouTube performing covers for a few years, which included songs by legendary Beyoncé.  Beyoncé discovered them from one of their covers of her song and posted it, from then the video went viral and a year later were signed to Parkwood entertainment music label.  Their music is very on trend and have performed in many shows such as the VMA’s, joined Beyoncé on the formation tour and have been nominated for Grammys, MTV awards and image awards. Chloe and Halle are ones to look out for because you just don’t know what they have in the pipe line. Let’s not forget their acting roles which also shows a different side to them.

Bad Boy Timz artist

Bad Boy Timz

Bad boy Timz is a Nigerian afro beats singer who brings flavor, spice and culture to his music. He has created music with Mayorkun (another Nigerian artist) and Olamide, with the popular afro beats tune called ‘Loading’. When hearing his music, you want to dance and it lifts up the mood. Bad Boy Timz is extremely proud of where he is from and it shows though his music, by including elements of the Yoruba language as well as showcasing videos of him having fun and delivering great energy to each scene. 

tems singer


Tems is Nigerian born upcoming singer, songwriter and producer who is gifted in her beautiful harmonies and sweet voice. Each song is different and brings a new style so ideally as a listener you never know what you’re going to get but in a good way. Regardless of this, Tems has a YouTube channel which features her music videos. They are phenomenal and show a unique side in terms of angles, imagery and sound. She also featured on Wizkid’s song Essence from the album Made in Lagos.

Ivorian Doll music talents 2021

Ivorian Doll

Last year saw the rise of rapper and drill artist Vanessa, otherwise known as Ivorian Doll. Formally in a duo, decided to go solo and since then the only way has been up. With features and collaborations with other artists, Ivorian doll has really come into herself. With debut single ‘Rumours’ she took a situation that happened and made it into a song. This alone shows strength and initiative. Even though she is glam and extremely beautiful when she raps she’s like a different person. Ivorian doll has since then made a feature on GRM Daily by doing ‘Daily Duppy’. She also released a single called ‘Body Bag’ and there seems to be more on the way. Ivorian doll has blossomed and she’s ready to take the world by storm. 

Shaé Universe

Shaé Universe

If you are after soul, passion and a voice that will give you goosebumps then Shaé Universe is the person for you. From gigs and other performances and going viral on twitter and Instagram, her unique and outstanding voice is mesmerizing. In 2020 she released singles ‘You Lose’ and ‘Levels’. Shae’s music covers R&B and soul but definitely be on the look at for her as she is amazing and a gem. 

giveon singer


Giveon is an uprising star who has an amazing voice and can hit notes that will make you feel the song in all of its emotion. A mix of R&B and blues tone brings a diverse touch to his music. Giveon also made a featured appearance on Drake’s 2020 single ‘Chicago Freestyle’. His single ’like I want you’ has attained more than 1.5 million streams and continues to get the recognition it deserves. Fans and supporters can’t wait to see what he brings this 2021.

mneliaa singer


Artist and song writer Mnelia has been on the scene since 2018 with her album 2:4. Last year Mnelia released single Say Yeah to the world. The song has over 4 million streams on Spotify alone and continues to increase. With an R&B and soul sound Mnelia shows her vocal abilities and melodies which gives her supporters excitement. No matter where you are, once Say Yeah comes on, it’s an automatic vibe and you will be singing along in no time no matter where you are in the world.              

keystheprince rapper

Keys the Prince

Keys the Prince is a rap and hip-hop artist in the UK. He allows his creativity and love for music to shine through his work. Last year Keys the Prince released an album called ‘Nothing Else Matters’ and a music video featuring one of the songs on the album called ‘Nothing’ snippets went viral. It sparked a lot of conversation regarding some of the scenes in the video. He brings a diverse presence in his music that is relatable to real life which makes him an interesting person to look out for this year. 

Bree Runway

Bree Runway 

Singer, rapper and songwriter Bree Runway has an incredible and creative sound. She has been on the scene since 2015 but last year really saw a rise in her music. Her distinctive style with wardrobe and music videos really lights up a room. Bree’s determination to inspire black females doesn’t go unnoticed and with her latest project ‘2000AND4EVA’ features black womanhood.  Bree has collaborated with Missy Elliott, Rico Nasty and others. 



A UK upcoming artist Odeal has a soulful, refreshing voice that can cause shivers down your spine. Last year he released a single called 24/8, that included incredible visuals that told a story of the unspoken parts of a relationship. Odeal is able to show real emotions and express himself through his lyrics and voice. Nevertheless, he’s creative approach to his work speaks volumes to himself as an individual. 

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