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10 Tell Tale Signs Your Man Is Playing Away

Ladies, most of us have experienced this ugly situation – your man is acting differently, and you suspect he may be doing more than ‘just looking’. Fortunately for us, there are several signs that, together, could strongly indicate that your man is doing the dirty. If your man is acting out of character and is displaying some of these signs, it may be time to sit down and have a little chat.

Francesco Hayez
Francesco Hayez

1. He is distant towards you

Your man has always been attentive, talkative, or just ‘into you’. Lately, his personality has changed and he has become distant and withdrawn. In fact he seems to have lost all interest. If there has been no change that you know of in his life, then there must be another reason. It does not necessarily mean he is cheating, but clearly there is an underlying problem, of which needs to be addressed.

2. He is out a lot

If your partner has started spending more time out, when he usually spends it with you. If he starts coming home late, when you can usually set your clock by the time he opens the front door – then there may be something amiss. Signs such as vagueness about where he has been/is going, or being over-creative with his reasons are a huge giveaway.

3. He is making more effort with his appearance

Your fella is not ordinarily fussed about being well groomed – in fact sometimes he wears his pants twice (yuk). However, lately he has bought new clothing, spent longer periods in the bathroom, and started wearing cologne almost every day.

4. He is snappy for no reason, or comes home with flowers when it is not your birthday.

Acting out of character is a huge give-away that something is up.

5. He smells of smoke but he is a non-smoker/he smells of more aftershave than normal.

He may have been with someone who smokes, or covering up the smell of her perfume.

6. He is getting changed/showered more than usual.

If his job is not manual labour, and he suddenly starts showering and changing more than usual, this could indicate he has been with another woman.

7. He cancels calls/doesn’t answer.

Ignoring calls
Ignoring calls

Has your partner suddenly started ignoring calls? Yes, it could be bills; phone calls regarding PPI, or it could be someone he cannot talk to in front of you.

8. He is spending a lot of extra time on his computer, changes password, or wipes his history.

If your man is doing this, it generally means he has something to hide.

9. Suddenly starts keeping his phone in his pocket.

Your partner’s phone used to be left out on the sofa or sideboard, but recently it has been kept securely in his pocket. This could indicate he does not want to risk either you looking at it, or he is avoiding a potentially uncomfortable situation of a phone call or text coming through at an inopportune moment.

10. Unexplained money loss

If you live together it will be easier to notice if money is unaccounted for. The reasons for secret spending of money could be down to a variety of reasons. However, if this is happening in addition to some of the other signs, (and he hasn’t got a gambling problem), there could be a strong possibility of an affair.

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