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20-Something Years Old: So What’s Next?

It is said that the 20-somethings of today, or millennials have gone against the five key milestones of adulthood. These being; completing school, leaving home, being financially independent, getting married and having children. These 20-something year olds are no longer children but aren’t yet adults? So where do we go from here?

If we retrace our steps through our lives we can easily notice a pattern of rash decisions and planning way in advance. Our school years prepped us for further education, further education prepared us to work – but where do we go? One thing that many teachers and professors missed out was how to achieve those goals you have worked the past 20 years of your life for. 

Let’s use the fashion world as an example. Fashion changes and it evolves. The world is constantly in a state of change. The last year has taught us that. Much like the evolution in the fashion industry, we evolve and we change to fit the times. But what happens when life circles back round – much like a 90’s trend. Where do we go when that full circle moment happens – do we aim higher? 

Finance Without Student Finance

As millennials, we were raised to dream big – the stars are the limit. We also were raised through economic hardship. Unemployment plays a large factor into this. Where do we reach for stars if the stars are too expensive. Graduates are finding it harder than ever to get a job in their chosen industry – leading to many feeling overworked and under appreciated in their day to day jobs (if they have one). If you’re looking to get into these industries this Instagram page might help!

Graduates are finding it harder than ever to get a job in their chosen industry

Getting into industries such as the fashion, media, tech and arts industries, which many millennials seek to do, has becoming increasingly difficult due to lack of experience. Around 50 years ago it may have been the norm to complete a degree, get a job in a nice company, have kids and retire with a nice pension at the end of it all. This just isn’t the reality we live in today. As many of our elders like to remind us – the world has changed. We, as a generation, have been pushed to believe we will land our dream job in our mid twenties, but this is not a reality. 

The Best Years

Without getting too dark, it is important we remember to enjoy ourselves. We dress up, we go out and we have fun. These are what are supposed to be the best years of our lives. These are the years we secure our life long friends and our future spouse. Amidst all the debt and all the job applications, at least we have this right? 

Much like our families told us, the world has changed. That phrase has never been more accurate.  When the pandemic hit, that sent all of us back into our homes, separate from the rest of the world. The best years of our lives changed. Again, much like the fashion world, we evolved and adapted. 

Just Enjoy Yourself 

Young adult in London
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If you’re anything like me and you are determined to stay in the city you lived for three years whilst studying – stay. Make the best of it, work to pay rent and pay rent to have fun. The reality for a 20-something in 2021 is, it probably won’t happen right away. But keep going, find things you enjoy, socialise and have a purpose. Once again, relating back to the fashion world, adapt, persevere and evolve!