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2015 Christmas Presents For All Your Friends

Unless your friends have given you an itemised list of gift ideas, it can be hell to shop for them.

You don’t want to buy something that will offend them. For example; a t-shirt that’s too big, or bath gift sets that suggest they smell. At the same time you don’t want to get them something they won’t like or won’t use. This will end up at the back of their wardrobe for eternity.

Whilst you end up wasting your money. If you’re completely stumped, think practicality, what do they always need more of? If they paint their nails: nail varnish remover is a practical stocking filler. As is make-up remover, or moisturiser, or basic black tights.

But of course Christmas presents should be more than just practical. You don’t want to end up buying your friends light bulbs and batteries. So try and think how do they spend their time?

Having a lot of sex

If it’s a girl get her underwear, Agent Provocateur and L’Agent do great stocking fillers. These includes; thongs, eye masks, and hold-up at affordable prices.

L’Agent gift eye mask

L’Agent Eye Mask – £10

L’Agent Knickers gift sexy lingerie

L’Agent Knickers – £10

Heart Pasties bra breast boobs

Agent Provocateur Heart Pasties – £35

If she’s a really close friend, get her something a bit more risqué: Bondora have very affordable sex toys this time of year. Although I probably wouldn’t suggest this for your Secret Santa. If it’s a guy, just get him condoms and lube, trust me, his sexual partners will thank you.

Spa Day Treat

Treat them to a Spa day. Wowcher always has great deals on spa’s, usually for 2, this way you’re getting yourself a present as well.

Other suggestions may include make-up brushes/sponges, nail varnishes, hair spray, eye shadows, contour palette, all things that most make-up loving girls (or guys) can get use out of.


Champagne, shot glasses, cocktail kits, basically anything alcohol related. Supermarkets always have offers on spirits around Christmas. The combination of that and a cocktail recipe book is bound to keep them merry over the festive season.

Cocktails book

Anthropologie Speakeasy Underground Cocktails – £12.99 


Hopefully you know their taste in music/have similar music taste, so concert and festival tickets are always a smart idea as you can go with them. Depending on their music platform preference: records, cd’s or an iTunes gift card could also work. If they have a very broad music taste, then you could always pay for their Spotify premium.

Staying at home

If you have an introverted friend, buy them something to make their space homelier, such as scented candles or incense. Or something that will help enhance their interests. Such as books, films, maybe even pay for their Netflix for a year. Subscription boxes are a simple but thoughtful gift idea, they come in all sorts of varieties and appeal to a myriad of interests.

London Tea Club

The Willoughby Book Club

Bake Box gift

Bake Box


Fruit-infused water has loads of health benefits such as flushing the toxins from your system. So inexpensive fruit-infusing water bottle is ideal for the gym-goer.

Fruit infusing water bottle

Fruit-infusing water bottle – £7.99 

A good quality juicer will also help them feel energised in the mornings.

Philips Quick Clean Juicer – £55 

They’re your pet: Let’s face it, some of our best friends are our furry felines or canine companions, and for all the love they give us they definitely deserve a reward this Christmas.

You could get them a surprise pet parcel and be equally surprised as your pet. Or you could extend their wardrobe with some Christmas themed outfits. Although you’re probably going to get more out of this than the pet.

reindeer hoodie dog

Reindeer Dog Hoodie – £10 

Christmas Pudding Dog Jumper

Christmas Pudding Dog Jumper – £10

Christmas Cat Santa Hat

Christmas Cat Santa Hat – £2

And make sure you get them plenty of treats just in case they start to despise you for dressing them up as a Christmas pudding for the whole day.

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