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4 Types Of Men That Make Us Run For The Hills

We’ve all been there – met a rugged, sexy man and agreed to go for dinner, only to discover him brazenly chatting up the waitress before you’ve got to your main course. Don’t waste time on any more losers – discover 4 types of men that make us run for the hills.

1. Mr Outrageous Flirt.

Outrageous flirt
Outrageous flirt

Should you find you are dating this type of man, run for the hills and don’t stop until he is long gone. If your new guy is taking you out on a first date, and he can’t keep his eyes or language respectable, it’s a damn good sign his personality isn’t up to scratch. These are the times when he should be charming you, not denting your self-esteem by gawping at or chatting up anything that moves. Be warned, these men are trouble!

2. Mr Co-dependent.

No one likes a whinger. If you find yourself stuck with a man who is more needy than you, this may well spell trouble. We all have insecurities to deal with – however the typical woman looks for a guy who is confident – a man she can turn to if need be. A clingy man is never a good look, and probably will not make for a good long-term partner. If you are thinking a one-nighter would be fine – think again! You are likely to be stuck at some point with him crying on your shoulder. This man screams issues!

3. Mr Cheapskate.

McDonalds meal
This dinner date spells trouble!

Ever thought that going Dutch was a great idea? I cannot speak for all women, but I like to be wined and dined. If a guy asks me out, I do not expect to be forking out for half of the experience at the end of the night. This may well be an indicator of things to come, i.e. cheap presents or no presents, and watching every penny as if it’s your last. Should the sound of this repel you to your very core…that’s right, run for the hills.

4. Mr Dull and predictable.

Have you ever heard the saying, ‘familiarity breeds contempt’? Well, trying to date Mr Dull for any length of time may cause you to claw at the walls in despair. Mr Dull knows what he likes, (which is cute at first) but then never deviates from that plan. If you hate the idea of a vanilla life of peas every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, run for the hills!

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