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5 Best Costumes In Live-Action Adaptations Of Animated Movies

Disney has blessed viewers with so many different live-action adaptations. These adaptations are never the same as their animated counterparts. One of the reasons for this is the fashion and style choices costume designers use for the adaptation. Here are 5 of the best Disney adaptation fashion choices, and how they differ from the animated originals.


Cinderella’s absolutely beautiful ball gown is one that will be remembered. This dress is the epitome of the perfect, fairytale gown. The shimmering blue effect is completely captivating, along with the intricate details of different turquoise fabrics, petticoats underneath, and delicate butterflies. In addition, it took 18 tailors and over 500 hours to make. And it was definitely worth it. The fashion in this adaptation is far more extravagant compared to the simple clothes and colours in the animated version.

Beauty and The Beast

Belle’s golden gown is the one thing everyone thinks of when it comes to this film. Although this dress didn’t stay necessarily true to the original, it still works in the context of this adaptation. In addition, this dress didn’t include a corset, unlike many other adaptations, and highlighted Belle’s ‘free spirit’ personality.


There were so many stunning outfits to choose from this adaptation. The matchmaking scene which is iconic for its comedic timing will now be remembered for the extravagant costumes. The Chinese Hanfu is more detailed and intricate with the embroidery details, such as the pink lotus flower inside of the dress. This, in addition with the white powder and exaggerated makeup, highlights key aspects of Chinese culture.


One of Jasmine’s most iconic outfits, this turquoise, gold-detailed two-piece set is a highlight of this adaptation. Jasmine wears so many stunning outfits in this film, but this steals the show. She pairs some beautiful turquoise and gold jewellery with this piece and a matching headpiece. 

Alice in Wonderland

This blue dress is worn by Alice before she finds the ‘Drink Me’ potion. It works perfectly for the scene, as an adaptation, and with the signature Burton ‘twist’ on it. Completely different from the dress worn in the original film, this corset button-down top, and a lovely ruffled a-line skirt is simple but effective.

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