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5 Best Staycations for Summer 2021

With the year we’ve all had, a nice break is one thing we all deserve. However, things are still quite uncertain, and travelling overseas for many people is still a scary prospect. The term ‘staycation’ is one that many of us have heard more often within the past year. And this summer is the perfect opportunity to try out some fabulous spots here in the U.K. Here are some of the best staycations for summer 2021.


brighton beach

Brighton of course is an obvious choice for a staycation for the summer – with the beautiful beach, cute little shops down the lanes, and great food scene. However, there are some lovely, hidden gems that so many people aren’t aware of. Snoopers Paradise, a vintage lover’s dream, can be found in the North Lanes. One of the strangest places in Brighton, this shop was once a department store but is now divided into independent stores selling some true gems. Twisted Lemon, named as one of Brighton’s best cocktail bars, is the perfect spot for all you cocktail lovers out there. It also boasts some wonderful mocktails for any non-drinkers. 


Edinburgh Castle

From its extravagant, historical buildings to modern art museums, this city is a great experience for everyone. Whether you want to visit the world-famous Edinburgh Castle, the Modern Two Gallery, or eat at The Grain Store for a fabulous meal. If hiking is your thing – Arthur’s Seat is the perfect spot. No visit to Edinburgh would be complete with a trip through Holyrood Park. Whether you want to spend the day or just a brief walk, you’ll experience wonderful views and the feeling of escapism from the hustle of the city. Luckily, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is back this year which is a highlight of the summer. 


Known as the ‘book village’, Hay is host to more than 20 bookshops all unique in their own way. A local favourite is the Honesty Bookshop in the ruins of the castle. If books aren’t exactly your thing, you possibly might be in the wrong place but for any non-book lovers, there are some fantastic places to grab a bite to eat. A special mention goes to The Salad Project, a small, salad bar located in the middle of the town which specialises in vegetarian and vegan delicacies. 

Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight

The island is host to some of the most beautiful scenery in the country, with so many perfect spots for calming walks it is a truly exquisite destination, a great staycation for the summer. A must-see on the island is the delightful Shanklin Chine, which looks spectacular when lit up in the evening. The famous Isle of Wight Festival is also back this year, being held later in the year which will be music to both locals and tourists ears. The IOW is also home to many unique farms – garlic or alpaca farm anyone?


Boasting a simply beautiful cathedral and iconic castle, this is a must for anyone interested in their history. With so many landmarks it may be hard to choose where to visit first, but Steep Hill is one place that is always recommended. As Lincoln’s most famous street; this is a great place to see what Lincoln is all about. Filled with independent shops and cafes, Steep Hill oozes the English charm we all love. Places such as the Pimento Cafe and The Cheese Society are worthy of a visit, which includes a cheese-based cafe! If sightseeing is more your interest, take a trip down Lincoln’s Brayford Waterfront, the oldest inland Harbour in England which offers a great selection of eating, drinking, and entertainment. 

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