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5 British artists you never knew you needed

Music is said to be great for the soul and mind but It can be hard finding the right music to listen to, depending on the genre and artist. Finding an artist you can continuously listen to is a rarity. But, whether you like to DJ at parties or just love music, there are always artists worth listening to. Here are 5 British artists, you never knew you needed!

British artist

Joy Crookes

Joy Crookes is a British singer-songwriter from South London. Crookes debuted in 2016 at the age of 17 with her single ‘New Manhattan’ and has been creating music since. Her music is reminiscent of Jazz with a modern twist, her voice has been referred to as velvety and sleek; it is refreshingly unique and soulful. Crookes performed her single ‘Mother May I Sleep With Danger?’ on the youtube channel COLORS and subsequently went viral.

British artists

Rex Orange County

Rex Orange County is a British recording artist from Hampshire. At the age of 17 in 2015, he released his debut album Bcos U Will Never B Free on SoundCloud and was noticed by Tyler the Creator. This lead to Rex collaborating with him on his album Flower boy. His music is often defined as artistic and mundanely beautiful even becoming popular on TikTok. Two of his more popular songs being ‘UNO’ and ‘Sunflower’.

British artists


JGrrey is a singer-songwriter that grew up in South London and debuted in 2017 with her single ‘Don’t Fade’. She later performed her debut single on COLORS which was a success. Her music is very neo-R&B and gives a soulful but urban swing on jazz in some instances. Her most recent album Ugh gives us an artistic look into the singer’s mind. With songs such as ‘Dreaming Fool’ and ‘Happiness Seems a Hell of a Guy,’ there is a somewhat pessimistic look at life. However, the beauty of the song is they make you feel the opposite.

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Col3trane is a British recording artist from North London. Releasing his first mix-tape in 2017 titled Tsarina he later performed as a supporting artist for Dua Lipa in 2019. Col3tranes music is likened to Frank Oceans, R&B with a futuristic twist. At the age of 21, he has already been a supporting artist and collaborated with artists such as Mahalia and Miraa May.

British singer

Miraa May

Miraa May is a Tottenham-born singer-songwriter. She released her debut EP The Beginning in 2014 and has since released three more albums. The singer writes about personal issues such as love, sadness, and even her son and partner. Her music is soulful and sweet as well as versatile like a body of water, it is also laidback and ultimately unapologetic.