Scooby Doo Daphne Blake

5 Iconic Looks Worn By Scooby Doo’s Daphne Blake

The Scooby-Doo live-action movies were a cultural reset. Moving away from the 1960s original cartoon, the movies modernized the classic animated series. Known for her exquisite and daring fashion is Daphne. Sarah Michelle Gellar became a fashion icon, showcasing how Daphne is still one of the best-dressed characters of all time. Here are 5 of the best Daphne looks in the live-action movies.


Coolsville Museum Opening

One of Daphne’s best looks in these movies HAS to be her red-carpet outfit. Nothing is more extra than this feather coat. Paired with a simply beautiful purple dress. Daphne stuns, as she always does, in this scene and the look is finished with her usual sleek hair casually styled to shape her face. Perfection.

Spooky Island Arrival

Another spectacular look from the first movie, Daphne arrives at Spooky Island in this stunner, a completely different outfit from the last but still just as beautiful. All different shades of purple that normally would completely clash, but the lilac latex books, the sheer summer hat, and frilled all bag all jell amazingly.

Airport Scene

This detective-inspired look is pure genius. Not only does Daphne look absolutely fabulous in this purple trench coat and cool sunglasses, but she’s also a woman on a mission. This outfit is accompanied by several cases of Louis Vuitton luggage, also purple which really makes the look. Another lovely extra is the cute cube-shaped hand luggage.

Cartoon Callback

Although many of Daphne’s outfits were modernized for the live-action movies, one amazing look is a callback to the original cartoon. Wearing a sheer green scarf, a simple wrap, a purple dress with lilac trim, and lilac platform boots – could Daphne look any more stunning?


‘Bond’ Moment

This fantastic jumpsuit is of course a fan favourite. Not only does Daphne save the day in this stunner of an outfit, but she also looks good while doing it. The flared bottoms, the golden ‘D’ belt, the lilac lapels are beautiful touches to this truly incredible outfit.

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