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5 Jhené Aiko songs to help improve your mental health

Jhené Aiko is an American R&B singer and songwriter that debuted in 2003, cultivating her own following/fanbase. Aiko’s music is ethereal like myriads of soft and feathery notes that often mimic that of a wispy lullaby. Her tone, smooth yet sensual. It is almost as if her music possesses the ability to calm any troubled soul. While in lockdown and with the looming dread of COVID19 many of us have had trouble with our mental health. Here are 5 Jhené Aiko songs that will improve your mental health and soothe your troubled soul.

 jhene aiko Namiko Love promises

Promises (feat. Namiko Love, Miyagi)

‘Promises’ is a song on Aiko’s album titled ‘Souled Out’, the song was made in memory of the singer’s late brother Miyagi. The song features a recording of Miyagi and the singer’s young daughter singing ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ together. The song is one of Aiko’s most personal and heartfelt songs, it is a comforting and intricate song that expresses love and loss simultaneously.

Summer 2020

As the name implies ‘Summer 2020’ was created for summer 2020 however, this spiritually motivated R&B song can and should be listened to in 2021. The song is featured on her most recent album ‘Chilombo (deluxe)’. With an elusive melody that produces warm and sultry vibes, this song is perfect for summertime as it approaches. Cooing spiritual musing to the rhythmic beat Aiko demonstrates that even in the hardest of times you can be thankful for just living in the moment.

Jhené Aiko 'Chilombo' cover art

Party For Me

‘Party For Me’ is the last song on Aiko’s recent album titled ‘Chilombo’, it is a perfect conclusion to the chill album. The R&B song encourages people to party rather than mourn death. Jhené Aiko herself wants her family and friends to celebrate when she is gone. Upbeat and personal are two ways to describe this song, and while presenting a morbid idea it is layered with hope. It is a reassuring notion packaged as a laid-back ‘hymn’ of sorts that is sure to improve your mental health.

While We’re Young

‘While We’re Young’ is an enchanting love song with soft and sweet vocals on a fairy-tale-like instrumental, the song is a glittering and romantic take on soulmates finding each other and never letting go (also appearing on the album ‘Trip’). The accompanying music video is a homage to the 2004 rom-com ‘50 first dates’. The song is a poetic masterpiece that embodies a healthy romantic relationship. Including the beguiling melodies that make for a blissful listening experience.

Sing to me (feat. Namiko Love)

Sing to me (feat. Namiko Love)

‘Sing to me’ is another song featuring the singer’s daughter Namiko, this song was on the album titled ‘Trip’. The song is an ode to her daughter whom she expresses is her ‘world’ and ‘favorite girl’. It is a love song of sorts and reflects an affectionate, devoted mother-daughter relationship. The song is a starry take on a loving parent-child dynamic and implies they were fated to be mother and daughter. Jhené Aiko made this song as a mothers day present to her mother, as well as herself.

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