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5 Sex Tips To Make Sure Your Sex Is On Fire

Ladies, we all have our special moves and techniques we know will send our loved one wild with desire. However, variety is the spice of life, so add in a few of these sex tips to make sure your sex is always on fire!

1.Make The Missionary Magic

Missionary Sex Positions

If missionary is your go-to sex position, make sure it rocks. Try raising your legs so they are over his shoulders, with your calves on either side of his head. This will push down on your pelvic floor, making the sensation feel tighter and more intense for you both. Known as the ‘deckchair’, this position is super saucy and guaranteed to send him wild or try Proextender.

2. Act Out

Get him to tell you a few of his fantasy characters or celebrities, then be them. There’s nothing sexier than dressing up as one of his fantasy people – acting out this fantasy adds spontaneity and presses all the right buttons. He won’t be able to forget it (hopefully for the right reasons).

3. Make Use Of Your Scarf

Who knew scarfs could be so sexy? Most men love it when you take control. Try blindfolding your fella with your scarf, then performing oral sex before taking control with intercourse. For added bonus points tie his wrists loosely to the bed posts with silk scarfs.

4. Whisper

A gif of the simpsons in bed
Sourced via: giphy.com

Very softly, tell your man just how hot he makes you and gently guide him by whispering what you want him to do. This demonstration of self-assured confidence is a massive turn-on for men, and you also get exactly what you want without appearing pushy. That’s what we call a win-win.

5. Watch Porn

Some women hate this idea, but it can actually be a real good sex tip and boost for a couple’s sex-life. By watching it together whilst you get it on, shows him how confident you are, and may lead the way to suggest new positions or styles into your world of passion. Hurrah!