5 Ways to Wear a Scarf this Summer 2020

Scarves are the most multipurpose and fashionable clothing accessory and the best part about this is that they are not expensive whatsoever. Therefore you can fill your wardrobe with this summer’s most trending accessory (other than a face mask). Not to mention that they are available in a range of styles, patterns and material and can spice up your outfit like no other, making this accessory literally a lifesaver for people who like to revamp outfits. To top it all off, they are not limited to just one season. You can keep the darker ones for winter and the bright coloured ones for the summer. Lets take a look at the ways you can wear them this summer.

shein scarf top


This breezy look was famous back in the early 2000’s by pop stars such as Beyonce and Christina Aguilara. Fold your scarf diagonally, wrap round your chest and tie a knot at the back and voila you have your new top.

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lily Lulu scarf


Similarly, if you’re having a bad hair day then look no further. It can give your hairdo a little oomph. 

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Love Moschino scarf bag


Who says you can’t style your accessories? If you feel like your outfit is looking dull or even your bag, then you can add a scarf to jazz it up and make it stand out. 

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Logo-print silk scarf


Adding a scarf to your outfit can definitely give it some colour and life, even if it’s around your neck. If you’re going for high class vibes, then this one is for you. You can wear this to any formal event and feel comfortable.  

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For another fun look, you can also wear as a belt. Put your favourite scarf through your belt loop to create a tight knot or allow to hang beautifully.

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