Girls Aloud make a fashion mistake
Girls Aloud Fashion Mistake

6 Fashion Faux-Pas

We all strive to look as best we possibly can.  Widespread media commands we buy the latest products in order to achieve this never-ending goal.  There is no need to constantly pay out for new products on a monthly basis in order to look good.  There are, however, a few fashion faux pas of which we must all be aware.  Beware: ignoring these fashion mistakes may cost you dearly!

1. Bra Straps Revealed   

woman walking dog eating a fashion faux-pas
woman walking dog eating a fashion faux-pas

This is an embarrassing mistake, which makes women look anything but classy. Avoid this fashion faux-pas by investing in a strapless bra.

2. Under-dressing

Girls Aloud make a fashion mistake
Girls Aloud Fashion Mistake

Scenario: you’ve finally shed those extra pounds, or perhaps you’ve finally nabbed a date with the man you’ve been chasing for far too long.  Whatever the reason, it is always a mistake to under-dress.  Showing too much ensures you lose any air of class or grace, replacing it with one thought, ‘cheap’.  Unless you are going for a job as an escort, extreme under-dressing is a bad idea.

3. Muffin top

Be aware of any hip-over-hang, otherwise known as ‘muffin top’.  If you, like many of us, suffer from this irksome hip-bulge, steer clear of cut-off tops with low-waist skirts or jeans.  Ladies or men with muffin-top syndrome

4.  The wrong fit

Clothes that don't fit
Clothes that don’t fit

We have all made this mistake: trying to squeeze into garments that are a size (or two) too small.  Some of us go the opposite way and get hooked on over-sized baggy clothes.  Neither do any favours in promoting our best features.  In fact, these fashion mistakes will make the worst possible fashion statement.

5. Over-the-top tights

Tights are fabulous with jumper dresses and skirts.  Wearing thin summer dresses/outfits with tights is not such a great idea.  There are hundreds of varieties, so be careful; generally, the more extreme, the worse it gets!

6. Living in the past and insisting you wear ‘retro’.

We all have that item of clothing we simply can’t throw out, even though you wore it to death in your teens and you are now almost 30.  Trust me ladies, no good can come of this.  Clinging onto your old self and refusing to accept you are older is a cardinal sin of the fashion world.  Similarly, wearing sixties attire in 2015, is not retro.  Instead, go with the flow; find new cuts and clothing to accentuate your best features.  Time stands still for no one.

Socks with sandals
Socks with Sandals

According to most people, the biggest fashion blunder would be to wear socks with sandals. This is no longer true; you will notice models at the recent fashion week sporting this outrageous style – and looking simply fabulous!

Image sources: Google images, chicous, formerlyfluffy.

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