Beyonce with watermelon water
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6 Health Trends Set For Stardom In 2017

2017 is here, bringing a whole host of new health trends that are set to be big news this year. Love them, hate them, find them useful or a tad crazy – here are the top health trends to hit 2017.

1.Watermelon Water

Beyonce with watermelon water
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Following Beyoncé’s endorsement and investment of WTRMLN WTR (Watermelon Water), as well as selling the drink at her Formation world tour, we can safely assume that this year coconut water is yesterday’s news, and watermelon water will be the drink of choice.

The good news is that this craze will be endlessly beneficial for your body and skin.

2.Cricket Flour And Pasta

Cricket pasta
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This may sound utterly revolting, but cricket pasta (of which began to trend last year) is now on course to be, well, your main course! Higher in protein and iron than eggs could dream of, cricket flour, cookies and flour are gaining huge popularity for 2017.


Victoria's secret model boxing
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If it’s good enough for Victoria Secret models, then it’s good enough for the rest of us. Following the hype surrounding their boxing craze, this year will see many more of us opting for the gloves in pursuit of fitness.

4.Foam Rolling (Vyper)

This super cool gadget that includes a vibrating foam roll, has been around for a while. However, since Ashton Kutcher bought one for Mila, it has gained even more leverage in the world of trends. In fact, the majority of US athletes back the use of the Vyper, as it appears to offer amazing benefits for the body and mind.  2016 saw foam rolling success, but 2017 will be a foam rolling frenzy!

5.Buckwheat Noodles

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In contrast to its name, these noodles actually contain zero wheat. This fantastic alternative for any person suffering from coeliac illness will aid digestion and help to prevent diabetes. Where can you buy this trending food? Apparently it will soon be found in a supermarket near you.

6.Self-Lacing Shoes

The Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 (or EARL) is the new and exceptionally pricey creation that was originally designed for athlete support during games. EARL of which stands for electro adaptive reactive lacing, brings forth the self-lacing trainer one might imagine to feature in Star Trek. Apparently seen as super cool and set to be a big trend this year, at the cost of $720, a non-athlete would have to be seriously lazy to buy a pair!