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6 must watch fashionable TV series on Netflix

If you want to up your fashion game at work, in any social situation, or even in bed; here are 6 fashionable Netflix shows to watch. Not only are they set in the most fashionable capital cities in the world; but they also tell down to earth, compelling stories of characters you would definitely identify to.

The Bold Type

Set in New York city, capital of the American dream and fashion, The Bold Type is a Tv series which follows the lives of three twenty something year old girls. These girls are in search of career fulfilment at Scarlet Magazine overseen by the incredible Jacqueline Carlyle, portrayed by Melora Hardin. We get to know the thought provoking journalist and courageous, Jane Katie Stevens. The free spirited, yet revolutionary Kat, Aisha Dee . Finally, the fashionable and heart warming Sutton, Meghann Fahy. Beautifully designed seasons with relatable moments of our lives. Also, red carpets, heartbreaks and the oh so important fashion closet, in which all the main narratives unfold. Watch the four seasons on Netflix.

Season 5 premier in America on the 26th of May.


Pose is set in 1980s New York, behind the glitz and fashionable glam of fabulous LGBTQ+ balls hosted by Pray, Billy Porter. This show explores transgenders women’s life in the 80s. It unfolds during the rise of the HIV/Aids pandemic in America and Donald Trump slow rise to power. Two houses of fashion compete against one another while fighting for their lives. Indeed, The House of Abundance led by Elektra Evangelista, Dominique Jackson compete against Blanca Rodriguez Evangelista from the House of Evangelista, MJ Jackson. Guaranteed moments of high fashion and couture. Heart wrenching stories raising awareness on transphobia, homophobia and LGBTQ + rights.

A must watch season 1, 2 on Netflix. The final season will be released in April 2022.

Girl Boss

Girl boss retells the rise to success story of Sophia Amuroso, the brand founder of the highly fashionable Nasty Gal. Portrayed by Britt Robertson – this cool tv series is available for one season on Netflix. If you want a cool soundtrack, boho clothing, anarchist, rebellious ways, mess ups and growth, watch Girl Boss.


Filthy rich individuals, high class parties, sex, scandals, family betrayal, murder mystery are the ingredients to the Dynasty recipe. Dynasty is the remake of the Golden globe award winning tv series Dynasty 1980s and has become on the list of must watch Netflix TV series. In this remake Fallon Carrington, played by Elizabeth Gillies is a fashionable, headstrong and independent business woman. Her father Blake Carrington, a ruthless business man, Grant Show leads the fearless Carrington’s empire. A family affair, full of shocking revelations, unholy doings, you are surely in for a ride. And of course, glamourous high class, luxurious families says high fashion.

All 3 seasons are a must watch available on Netflix now.

She’s gotta have it

Artist Nola darling, Dewanda Wise is not really sure what she’s gotta have but I can certainly tell you that She’s gotta have it involves a lot of beautiful African American art, black lives matter speeches, spirituality, search of one self, Afro American fashionable moments and nappy hair styles plus a big dose of sex. Indeed, amongst her lovers you can count 3 men and a woman. This series is the remake of the Spike Lee movie She’s gotta have it, 1986. Two must watch seasons made by the artistry only known of the ever so talented, Spike lee.

Emily in Paris

Have you ever dreamed to get lost in the fashion capital city, Paris? If so, watch Emily in Paris. This is the story of an American girl who landed her dream job by luck, in Paris, after a bad break up. It is full of French humour, cultural moments, French fashion, grandeur and definitely has an inch of Je ne sais quoi. Nominated for a Golden Globe award, Lily Collins daughter of Phil Collins really gave us a love letter from Paris during this first season, available on Netflix.

The second season is currently in the filming process.

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