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6 Steps To The Perfect Smoky Eye

The smokey eye is timelessly sexy. If you are wearing a sexy mini black dress then the smoky eye is the best look! It may look complicated to do the smokey eye but after reading these six simple steps then you will have it mastered in no time! The secret is choosing the right colours and making it blend. Any colour can be used to create a smokey eye although you need at least three similar shades. The classic smokey eye is created with black or gray, but bronze and brown are also commonly used.

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Step 1- Choose your colour and start with a neutral eye shadow base to make the make up last.

Step 2- Over that, simply apply a shimmery bone shadow to add light to the eyes.

Step 3- With whatever colour you chose to use for example; Lavender shadow. Brush the colour most intensely at the lashline, then  blend it towards the brow bone.

Step 4- Using a liner brush, Mally lines the eyes with a plum shadow

Step 5- Go over it with a black eye liner pencil to add drama and affect to the eyes.

Step 6- Then add, Two coats of black mascara on both upper and lower lashes finishes the look.

Those were the six easy steps to follow. Creating a smoky eye can make your look more sophisticated and dramatic because it is the eyes that stand out.

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