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6 Ways To Know Your Man Is Secretly Cheating

So your man swears he does not secretly cheat, right? Hopefully, he is clear of actual adultery, but do you wonder if your man secretly cheats on some other level? We are talking about indirectly, or subconsciously cheating. Check out the 6 ways (some) men secretly cheat.

1.Checking out his ex on social on phone

                                   What Ya Doing? (Image: Huffington Post)

The problem here is that men are stigmatised for their obsession with sex (and not feelings). Therefore, secretly checking out the ex on social media automatically sends out messages that you are reminiscing over past sexual encounters with this person. Bad move!

2.Disclosing information

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Disclosing personal information about your current relationship – whether you are replying in an email or having a face-to-face conversation with another woman – it could be construed as secretly cheating. Moaning about your girlfriend’s flaws or being disgruntled about her, gives the woman you are talking to a sign that you are unhappy, and there is a weakness to be pounced on. It might all be very innocent, but in reality, it rarely is. This behaviour means that on some level you are being unfaithful, and perhaps open to persuasion.

3.Sending ‘Happy Birthdays’ to wannabe girlfriends

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                               No ‘Happy Birthday’ Messages (Image: Wikipedia)

If you know the girl is hot for you, the very last thing you should EVER do, is send out a ‘Happy Birthday’ message online. (Unless you actually want an affair or are yearning after a massive argument with your GF)  Fellas, this will tell your current girlfriend you might be secretly cheating, and tell the girl who likes you that she’s in with a chance.

4.Dining with female friends at special locations

Man and woman in restaurant
 A definite No-No! (Image: Normalight)

Do you want a happy life with your GF? If the answer is yes, then don’t do this. Taking a female friend anywhere remotely fancy/romantic will sound alarm bells so loud that you will have a headache for a week. Particularly if for some time, you haven’t taken your GF anywhere special. Need I say why?

5.Keeping old pictures of his ex

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 Scrap The Old Photos- Oh dear, oh dear me, there’s nothing worse than stumbling across a partners hidden stash of old photos – and it’s even worse if she was prettier than the current GF. Get rid!

6.Complimenting other women


                                  Complimenting Other Women (Image: Ask Men)

In theory this all sounds quite harmless. In truth, however, complimenting another woman (when men notoriously forget to notice, let alone compliment their actual GFs) sends out the wrong message.