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Incredible Self-care Hacks for 2021

Last year put unprecedented strain on our mental health and overall wellbeing; but if there’s one thing we’ve learnt so far – practicing self-care is truly important and can help us get through anything. Although we are over the stress of 2020 and pushing through 2021 with hope; we must remember to continue to protect our mental, physical and emotional health. Whether it’s sticking to a healthy diet, exercising regularly or trying to be more organised; making a change for the better requires time and effort. So here are some simple tips to help prioritise self-care this year.

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Immune Boosting Foods

Immune-boosting foods reached new heights in 2020. And this year strengthening the immune system continues. Learning to take care of our gut and cultivating good health all year round is just as paramount this New year.

Make water your best friend

Drinking enough water helps your digestive system to function perfectly. Water also helps improve your mood, reduce sugar cravings, improve exercise performance as well as help prevent kidney stones. Personally I feel water is an extremely vital fluid that also helps promote healthy skin.


Nature and gardening

They say people who garden are usually very happy people. And on top of that being outdoors, whether in the garden or a walk in the park is good for your mind and body. So this year why not create daily outdoor walks and stretches to help de-stress and boost your mood.

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New work out

This is the time to try new things, new work out routine and online classes could definitely do the trick. We’ve all seen how important it is to stay fit. However, making that commitment is usually the hard part. Thankfully, there are new virtual options available, from meditation, yoga to online fitness classes, why not try one for fun and see how it goes.

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Selfcare Sunday

Self-care Sunday could be a start of something new for you. Create one day a week to pamper yourself. Run a bath, light a candle and just relax. Also using Self-care Sunday could help you stay loyal to the cause.

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Reduce screen time

Cooped up at home for months has definitely increased our screen time – leading to blue light and tired eyes. Setting boundaries however will not only help you manage your time wisely but equally promote good health. Remember adjust lighting when necessary and take breaks.

Keep calm and breathe

Schedule time to medidate

Creating time to breathe or meditate will go a long way. In fact several studies have shown that choosing to be alone for 15-20 minutes could help relax and de-stress.