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7 Spring Cleaning Tips for your Home

If you haven’t thoroughly cleaned your home during this coronavirus lockdown then what have you been doing? Spring is here and there’s nothing more satisfying than a clean home right now. And since we’ve got a lot of spare time on our hands, cleaning everything in your house from top to bottom can be overwhelming but truly fulfilling.

The coronavirus pandemic has not only brought us all together but also helped in making the world a cleaner better place. And everyone is more cautious now more than ever about hygiene and I think this is a really good thing. 

So, this quarantine period why not give your home a refreshing start. You can start from room to room, outdoor or just tackle the dirtiest spots. Here are my top spring cleaning tips and what I’ve been getting up to-

Establish Cleaning Habits

I’ve always been an advocate for cleanliness and maintaining a daily, weekly or monthly cleanup routine is very vital. Everything looks clean and tidy all year round and this will also make the next spring cleaning a whole lot easier. These are the kind of habits your kids will also copy and maintain as they grow older.


From kitchen cabinets to the oven and also the microwave. Clean, clean, clean and re-arrange everything. You probably wipe your fridge on a regular basis, but you can also pop out the door shelves and wash thoroughly in soapy water to get rid of any spillage as well as food bacteria. Cleaning your freezer is another ball game entirely, however, try to keep it tidy and arranged always.

Skincare, Hair, Makeup and Makeup Brushes

Getting rid of expired skincare, makeup and hair products is a very good way to declutter. Although, not all products have an expiration date, so always take note of the number of months stated on the product, this means how long it will last after opening. For makeup brushes, I’m so old school, I just squeeze a few drops of washing liquid or facial wash and rub the bristle tips into the soap, thoroughly rinse, then hold brush downwards under warm running water. Finally shake over the sink to remove excess water, and lay the brush down on a paper towel to dry. 

But don’t mind me, there are several brush cleaners out there that you can try. Remember to also sort smaller items, like lipsticks, foundations and skincare products, wipe with disinfectant wipes, sanitise and also wash all makeup bags and clean cabinets intensively. Finally shampoo and carefully wash all your hair extensions wigs and condition them while you’re at it.

Furniture, Bedding, Ceiling and Curtains

If you don’t already do this on a weekly basis, then it’s time to pull out your beddings and furniture away from walls and vacuum behind as well as underneath it. Also, wash all curtains, and drapes. For the ceilings, focus on the spots you wouldn’t normally clean, including the ceiling fans, lights as well as top and bottom hidden corners in your house.

Spring Cleaning Your Wardrobe

Ladies, this is the time to go through all your clothes and accessories. Get rid of anything that you wouldn’t wear again, donate items to charity and create space for new items. To be fair, this applies to everyone in the house not just the ladies ;). Also, if you’re working with a smaller space in your home, then you can save the clothes for later in a storage or neatly store underneath the bed. Additionally, with this you can rotate by season, get rid of all winter items; coats and jackets and create space for your Spring/Summer items. You can also sell some items online, if you feel you haven’t worn it at all or worn the price tag out of it, I always advise to sell if you can. I usually use Depop to sell both new and worn items. Don’t forget to also clean all your bags, shoes and jewelries.

Bath, Toilet, Shower curtains and mats

Sadly, uncertain times likes this, spring cleaning is so much easier. So take your time, clean the bath, shower, toilet seats, mats and curtains vigorously.

Outdoor and Garden

I think cleaning both inside and outside of your home is very essential. From the doors, mats, windows and even the garden needs to be clean and tidy. If you have a garage or storage space this is also the time to tidy up. This could also be good to get the kids doing some fun stuff in the garden, while helping you clean.

Finally your brooms, brushes and vacuum cleaners also need to be clean. Replace or wash the filters. Sweep and mop every corner of your home. Trust me, once all this is done, you will feel good about yourself and your home. Lockdown over, you’ll be happy to invite family and friends over. Also, did I mention this could also be the time to do some decor, paint etc. Honestly, this quarantine time can be stimulating in many ways.

Find yourself, learn new things and clean your home while you’re at it.