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7 ways to add more fruit into your diet

So apparently, nearly half of the people in the UK are guilty of not eating the recommended 5-a-day dose of fruit and vegetable.

Like 5-a-day wasn’t hard enough, now scientists are suggesting ten-a-day. Certainly, creativity has to come in play in order to even attempt or try to make an effort in living the best healthy lifestyle possible while ensuring a complete 5-a-day dose.

If you’re wondering how to go about this, here are some incredible delicious ways to add fruit and vegetable into your diet.

Fruit Sushi

fruit sushi

Some of us love sushi more than others. Sushi can be healthy and unhealthy at the same time. Depending on ingredients used, how it is prepared and how much you eat. However, you can now replace raw fish with fresh fruits such as; strawberry, kiwi and even melon for the perfect Fruishi roll.

Banana Pancakes

Here’s an healthy alternative to traditional American breakfast pancakes. Banana pancakes taste just as good and you can even top it up with fresh berries.


Puree is an amazing way to eat more fruit and veg. Add fruit puree with a little juice to make a compote. Also, you can add into plain yoghurt, use as a topping or serve as a sauce.


Smoothies are so delicious and nutritious. Best served during breakfast, lunch or even dinner as well as a snack. Blend your favourite fruits or veg and add crushed ice. At the same time, you can freeze the fruits and then blend and serve.


If you love yoghurt, then adding some berries such as blueberries, raspberries, strawberries as well as grapes will not only add some flavour but also make the perfect treat.

Ice lollies

ice lolly fruit

Ice lollies are a great way to stay cool in the heat. But it is truly important to note that lollies sold in the shops are nothing more than water and sugar. So we recommend, homemade fruit lollies. These can be made with just blended fruits, pour into an ice lolly mould and freeze. Make them even more fun by dipping them in yoghurt and then into your favourite topping, such as nuts.

Homemade Fruit Jam

Fruits are a great alternative to jam or marmalade. Loose the sugar and make a pure fruity spread to put on your toast.

fruit vegetable health