8 Of The Most Gruesome Halloween Cakes

So you’ve think you’ve seen all the Halloween cakes worth seeing, huh? Halloween is the one night to let your eerie creative juices flow. Here’s a few fearsome looking cakes that will have you wondering whether you want to eat it or book yourself into therapy for post traumatic stress!

1.The Brain CakeBrain cake

Feeling Brainy?  (Image: sweetcelebrations.com)    

You might want to take one look at this cake and run. However if you stick around long enough to taste it you will confuse your own brain with its sheer deliciousness. A fondant, covered cake complete with Hershey’s syrup and edible food colouring, this cake is truly spectacular.

2.Skeleton’s Head Cake

halloween head

(Image source: pinterest.com)

Entitled ‘the Pain of George,’ this fantastic cake is perfect for the adults on fright night.

3.Head Cake


(Image source: www.domesticsugar.com)

Sugar artist and cake specialist at domestic sugar created this severed head for a Halloween birthday party. Gruesome or what?

4.Another Severed Headsevered headToo Gruesome For Words! (Image: I Heart Cup Cakes)

You must agree, that this cake is super-gory! Shown on the I-Heart-Cup cakes website, the severed head is guaranteed to scare the superman pants off the bravest of guests. You might just think twice about eating it.

5.Red Velvet Slaughter CakeRed velvet slaughter cakeDelicious Slaughter Cake (Image: yumandyummer.com) 

This blood-splattered cake masterpiece would be amazing at any Vampire themed party, and tastes mouth-wateringly good!

6. Massive Eyeball CakeEyeball cake

Eye, Aye. (Image: blog.fancyflours.com)

Feast your eyes on this gruesome eyeball cake, It’s so creative, it’s scary!

7.Exorcist Cake3d1589788350f406607c278cbcf24f3c

This Exorcist Cake Is Too Real! (Image: Cakecentral.com)

Taking artistic talent to the extreme, COTB at Cake Central created this scary little treat. It’s sweet icing is probably going to be the stuff of nightmares until next Halloween!

8. Scary Clown

halloween clown

Remember Pennywise? (Image: pikeknight.com)

One look at this and memories of the scary as Hell horror movie, ‘Clown’ will come flooding back to frighten the living daylights out of you.