Dayna Christison – Couture Model and Cancer Patient

25 year old Dayna Christison is an up-and-coming model from New York, and has taken the fashion world by storm whilst battling cancer.

At age 22, Christison was diagnosed with Nodular Sclerosis Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. While doctors originally thought the cancer was stage two, they later learned that it was likely to be stage four. ‘I was just coming out of graduation and trying to figure out my next step in life,’ Christison said. Over the last three years, Christison has undergone chemotherapy, two stem cell transplants, and is now taking part in a clinical trial. But despite the battle she’s been facing for most of her 20s, she has also been doing something else incredible.

She began doing some modelling work, and is now signed with global modelling agency; Major Models. So far Christison has walked in six shows and has appeared in adverts for companies such as Urban Outfitters. Christison started modelling after her second stem cell transplant when her friend, a photographer, asked if he could take some photos of her for his portfolio. Despite having lost her hair at this point, she agreed and soon found that other photographers were interested in working with her.

After that, she decided to go to a casting call and she has been working with Major Models ever since. Although Christison had considered modelling in the past, she claimed she didn’t become fully interested until after her diagnosis. Following the loss of her hair, she realised that she couldn’t find many good role models of other women with bald heads in the media. ‘I refused to wear a wig or a scarf because, f**k everyone else, that’s how I looked and I didn’t want to hide that because of what other people thought,’ she said.

Christison has since admitted that she used to get anxiety about being out in public because she felt uncomfortable when strangers would ask her about it. This soon changed, however, when other women battling cancer would tell her how brave she is for refusing to cover head. ‘It was one of the most amazing feelings I’ve ever had to have someone say that I helped them feel more confident because of my confidence,’ she recalled.

The stunning model has vowed to live her life to the max whilst fighting cancer, and inspire others to do so in the process. She has noted that everyone faces obstacles that they need to overcome as some point in their lives, and cancer is just one of hers.
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