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A Glass Or Two Of Red Wine May Be Just What You Need

Do you find yourself at a party, and half way through the night discover your imaginary angel sitting on your shoulder forbidding you to accept that next delicious glass of red? If you are struggling with your conscience over this festive period, its time to shrug off the angel and listen to your demon telling you another glass of red wine is perfectly reasonable. Why? Because science says so.

According to the latest research, red wine has yet another health benefit – drinking a glass of red has the same effects as a workout routine. Clearly, it doesn’t come with a sprinkling of magic that will transform your abdomen into one that is firm and taut (unless you drink a hell of a lot – but We’re afraid t say to all the drunken Cinderella’s out there – that come midnight the magic will have mostly worn off and your reflection may no longer be one of beautiful glamour). That said, we love this new scientific revelation; lets celebrate why red wine truly is God.

1.Improves Physical Performance

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The fantastic scientists at Canada’s University of Alberta discovered that red wine holds the same compound as nuts and grapes. The compound resveratrol improved heart function, muscle strength, and physical performance. The only clause is these results are not gathered from human guinea pigs, but actual guinea pigs (well, mice, but close enough). So, the test was carried out on mice – Hell, that’s good enough for us.

2.Reduces Bad Cholesterol

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This really is a fantastic reason for that extra glass of red. Have you ever wondered why the French enjoy drinking red wine at every dinner? Well, other than the fact that its yummy, red wine is proven to reduce bad cholesterol and aid digestion, when taken in moderation.

3.Prevents Brain Degeneration

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Who knew red wine was the answer to preventing the awful onset of Alzheimer’s? Enough said – where do we sign?

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