Achieve A Flawless Complexion With Nude By Nature

As huge fans of the Nude by Nature brand, we couldn’t wait to try out their Flawless Liquid Foundation and Touch of Glow Highlighter Stick. Nude by Nature offer fabulous makeup that actually care for your skin to the standard you would expect form your skincare products. We love!

1. Nude by Nature Flawless Liquid Foundation, £25,


Key ingredients:

Bamboo Extract:

This incredible ingredient is included due to its outstanding soft-focus properties. Furthermore, bamboo extract also works to keep excess sebum at bay and minimise the appearance of those pesky pores we all know and hate. Result!

Baobab Fruit Extract:

Brimming with skin nurturing antioxidants, and known as an actual skin softening agent, this fabulous component will greatly soften your skin as well as infuse it with optimal nourishment and protection. Could a foundation get much better?

Kakadu Plum:

This fruit has without a doubt, superfood qualities. Containing the world’s greatest source of vitamin C and offering an array of antioxidant and (much appreciated) anti-aging abilities, the ingredient works wonders; thus, supporting a flawless and youthful finish whilst ensuring your complexion maintains optimal health and TLC.

Lily Pilly:


Should skin firmness and radiance be high up on your wish list, this foundation is a must-have. Lily pilly is not only known for its astringent qualities, but its high fruit acids promote both firmness and luminosity. Yay!

Vitamin E:

Due to its exceptional protective and skin restorative properties, this is a key ingredient in skincare products – and having it in a foundation is like the icing on the most delicious cake; frankly, it’s amazing! Nude by Nature has nailed the Flawless Foundation formula.

This foundation glides on seamlessly, creating a buildable medium coverage with a perfectly even and satin matte finish you will love. Use in conjunction with the Nude by Nature Highlighter.

This product is suitable for all skin types, is oil and paraben-free and available in a mind-blowing 20 different shades, so you are bound to find the ideal match for you.

2.Nude By Nature Touch of Glow Highlighter, £18,


Should you yearn for natural ingredients in your makeup product, this highlighter stick ought to be a #1 shopping goal. Enhance your look with the upmost ease with lustrous shades provided by Touch of Glow.

Formulated in a cream-to-powder texture, this highlighting stick offers highly researched natural ingredients that are specifically included to ensure your complexion is as healthy and radiant as it appears.

Kakadu plum is included as it is loaded with vitamin C to ensure your skin retains its youthful glow.

Additionally, Nude by Nature has combined quandong desert lime as it provides superior antioxidant protection; thus, putting this highlighter in a league of its own.

Furthermore, this fragrance-free formula combines soft natural waxes such as carnauba wax and vitamin E to further protect and repair.

Should you suffer from dry skin this highlighter will both hydrate and highlight, ensuring a complexion of pure radiant luminosity.

The shimmery highlighter is available in bronze, champagne and rose.


For optimal results use in conjunction with the Nude by Nature Liquid Foundation Brush, £24.

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