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Achieve A Beautiful Smile With Dr. Marques Super Strong Natural Whitening Paste

Everyone wants whiter teeth but when we hear the words ‘tooth whitening’ we clench our teeth in sensitivity terror. Now we can embrace our love for a whiter smile as Dr. Richard Marques has revolutionised teeth whitening with the creation of his 100% natural range of tooth whitening pastes. For beautifully white teeth without the fear of damage, read on:

Known by the industry as the ‘King of Smiles’ Dr. Richard Marques is one of the UK’s top celebrity dentists. He specializes in general dentistry, cosmetic and restorative dentistry as well as tooth whitening. Dr. Marques has extensive knowledge and specialist expertise in exceptionally complex restorative, aesthetic and implant dentistry. With an ever-growing celebrity, press and public client list, Dr. Marques is one of the most in-demand dentists in the UK.

Rita Ora, Nick Grimshaw, Russell Tovey, Pete Wicks, Oliver Proudlock, Lottie Tomlinson, Niomi Smart, Sadie Frost and Fleur East are some of Dr. Richard Marques’ celebrity clients.

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Dr. Marques believes using natural products is key to overall health, and thus has launched a superior range of groundbreaking tooth whitening formulas.

We tried Dr. Marques Super Strong Natural Whitening Paste. Dr. Marques does not use harsh chemicals or synthesized ingredients, but instead he utilizes extensively researched and clinically proven natural components, of which successfully achieve an ultimately healthy and beautiful smile.

Key Benefits:

Whitening toooth paste
Credit: wimpolestreetdental.com

Calcium Carbonate And Silica

These two very safe ingredients will effectively remove stubborn stains such as tea and coffee, without causing any damage to the enamel.

Natural Peppermint Oil

Dr. marques has combined his natural peppermint oil due to its highly beneficial qualities in removing tooth and gum odour and providing outstanding fresh breath. This is a perfect solution to our morning caffeine obsession!

Tea Tree

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Tea tree is included as it provides superb anti-inflammatory properties.

Furthermore, Dr. Marques now offers the new Super Strong Natural Whitening Toothpaste Strawberry Flavour, of which combines his natural whitening ingredients, folic acid (for good oral hygiene) and is sweetened with the plant-based sweetener, Stevia.

These unrivalled natural toothpastes are produced and developed in the USA, in partnership with Dr. Richard Marques.

Dr. Marques Super Strong Natural Whitening Paste is priced at £15.

To view and buy Dr. Richard Marques range of natural whitening toothpastes visit: https://www.richardjmarques.com


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