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Acne Awareness Month: Discover The Best Advice From Celebrity Skincare Expert, Debbie Thomas

Acne is one of the leading causes of skin concerns and in the UK alone it affects eight in ten people aged between 11 and 30. Luckily, June 2017 is Acne Awareness Month and Award-winning Advanced Skincare and Laser Specialist Debbie Thomas offers some amazing advice and tips on overcoming this problem as well as sharing the truth about a few acne misconceptions.

Debbie Thomas has a long list of celebrity clientele including Zoe Ball, Poppy Delevingne, Charlotte Jackson, Jena Goldsack and Abi Fox, to name a few! Debbie Thomas is the go-to for acne and skincare advice.

Fortunately, by using correct and strong treatments, we can banish acne forever!

Debbie Thomas states:

“Even the harshest, strongest treatments such as Roaccutane, laser peels and antibiotics will generally only temporarily reduce/clear up the acne for between 3-18 months. The best thing to do is to find the right system to manage and control the breakouts. Targeted but balanced products and treatments are key. I look at each acne case on an individual basis as each person’s skin is unique and then work out a plan with them.”

1.Misconception: Stress And Diet Can Directly Cause Acne.

Debbie suggests:

“Everyone reacts differently when our bodies are out of kilter. Some may get psoriasis, eczema or high blood pressure. For many, the first signs of stress or/and a bad diet is problematic breakout prone skin. To clarify, stress and diet don’t give you acne, they mess with your hormones and your bodies homoeostasis (balance), which then can stimulate the condition.”

2.Misconception: Oil is Suitable For Use On Acne-prone Or Oily skin.

Debbie advises to:

“Never use oils or oil-based products, our skin does not need oil it needs moisture but when we put oil on it, it becomes confused, thinking its hydrated when it’s not. This means that it doesn’t absorb water, leaving the very most important living, deepest layers of skin very dehydrated. This compromises its ability to regenerate.”

3.Misconception: Lots of Products Are Needed To Treat Acne.

medik8 cleansing gel

Debbie says:

“Cleansing is a must, as you need to remove the daily grime if the skin is to function well, but you also need your active products to tackle your main concerns and promote healthy skin. I don’t think you need lots of products, though choosing the right basic routine should mean simple, but effective.”

Debbie Thomas advises using a product with salicyclic acid to treat acne. Debbie suggests SkinCeuticals Blemish & Age Cleansing Gel or Medik8 Pore Cleanse Gel to cleanse skin and Medik8 Beta Gel to target individual spots.

4.For Treatment Of Stubborn Acne

Neostrata retinol and nag complex

Debbie suggests:

“I often introduce a mild pure Retinol like NeoStrata Retinol + NAG Complex at night. Now that the active and sometimes drying acne fighting ingredients are being used, it is important not to forget to hydrate and nourish the skin. You need an oil-free hydrator.”

5.Foundations Which Also Treat The Skin.

To provide acne control and coverage Debbie advises Oxygenetix Acne Control. This is due to the fact that it will not clog pores, will allow oxygen to reach the skin, includes antibacterial Aloe vera and 2% salicylic acid to thwart any breakouts.

6.Treatments For Severe Acne

D thomas clinic

At the Debbie Thomas Clinic Debbie offers:

“For more severe acne I would recommend laser treatments combined with salicylic peels. Many lasers help but the most effective are the Dual Yellow Laser and NLite.”

Debbie Thomas offers bespoke treatments to support each individual. Some of the available options are Peels (salicylic or glycolic in varying strengths), LED red & blue light therapy, Microdermabrasion, laser and tailored products such as masks and serums.

For more information on available treatments visit:


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