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Advantages of braving the Bald Look

Braving the Bald look is something many of us will face. Some of us are more embracing of it better than others, while others are respectively conflicted by the decision to say goodbye to hair.

However this article is for those who are still in two minds, and are not sure what the benefits are, going bald.

Here are our top reasons why you should brave the bald… 

You will look different in a good way.

This is for those who are already on the way to losing their hair. Receding hair is usually a sign of age, so cutting it all off will not only make you look younger, but you’ll feel proud for taking such a big step.

bald model man
This person was so happy with the bald look, he poured water all over himself. What a waste of water.(Image source Buzzfeed)

You will save lots of money!

Barbers can cost anywhere from £8 to £14, and if you happen to go at least twice a month, you’re looking up to £28 a month. That money could go to anything from buying a new pair of trousers, to a night out on the lash.

bald man holding money
Unfortunately for harold, he held the money so tightly, it was no longer usable. He was sad after that. (Image source: Motivational moment.com)

Bald celebs are sexy!

Yes, we said it and we ‘re not taking it back either. There are a ton of celebs who are hot, and you’ll be joining the list of hottest lookers. Think of going bald as entering an exclusive club – a club where the sexiest people alive dwell. And most of all, it’s free to join!

bald celebrity
(Image source:exurbanpedestrian)

In the end, the choice is up to you whatever you decided to do, and of course there are alternatives to going bald – especially if you’re having hair trouble. There are specialist treatments all over the world, helping you to grow your hair back – However they are quite costly. If you do find yourself in a pickle as to what to do, just know that the bald look is always just as good an option. Good luck!

Jason Statham bald