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ALLEL Is The Future Of Skincare

Before long we all will be leaning towards using skincare products that are not only based on our DNA and lifestyle factors, but also tailored to precisely meet our needs. The innovative brand ALLÉL® has begun this process with remarkable and clinically proven results. We checked out their incredible award-winning Genial Eye Cream – and we are totally sold.

Founded in Sweden by two friends, Dr Anne Wetter and Dr Elisabeth Hagert, is the innovative DNA matched skincare brand, ALLÉL®.

The Power Of Prediction


ALLÉL® created their own new skin DNA test, named the ALLÉL POWER OF PREDICTION®. By working in conjunction with 16 verified  DNA markers, this test effectively breaks down the five key drivers in aging to provide precise results, making the ALLÉL SKIN GENETIC SYSTEM® personalised to each individual.

There are specific genetic markers that indicate the inability to protect dermal collagen from diminishing. With ALLÉL®’s DNA test, it can analyse these high specific genes, then offer a risk analysis. This can then show evidence to make a prediction on the possibility of encountering premature aging, a loss of firmness and elasticity. From this analysis, the best skincare programme is created to enable optimal support, greatly improving the skin’s appearance and health.

You’d be forgiven for thinking this type of skincare treatment might be something you see in a futuristic sci-fi film. ALLÉL® focuses on DNA-based skincare, and looks at your genetic makeup to precisely tailor the right products for you. Such an exact and personalised skincare treatment is proving highly successful and is now becoming big news within the beauty industry.

How It Works:

DNA test swab to discover aging factors, then matching results based on other points such as visible aging signs and lifestyle.

It takes about a week to receive the results, then you receive the much-anticipated tailored skincare programme and specially personalised products.

Products are provided based on DNA scores and the skin consultation.

Genial Products

ALLÉL® provides GENIAL products to complement the Skin Genetic System® for a superior skincare treatment, of which achieves outstanding results. These products have been extensively researched and are dermatologist-developed. They consist of a foaming cleanser, eye cream and SPF30 sun cream.  Furthermore,  ALLÉL® skincare programme offers tailored nutritional supplements too.

GENIAL Eye Cream

alley eye cream

The Genial Eye Cream is packed with specially formulated award-winning ingredients to target and greatly improve common concerns such as crow’s feet, dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles. Better yet, this luxurious cream aids in lifting the upper eyelids, too. ALLÉL® state that results can be seen after 28 days – however, we noticed a significant improvement after just two weeks of use.

ALLÉL® has combined highly researched and proven components that work in harmony to tackle the usual suspects behind dehydrated, prematurely aging and tired looking eyes. Be gone forever wretched crow’s feet!


alley eye cream

Caffeine and ginger to stimulate circulation and reduce the puffiness of tired under-eye circles.

Hyaluronic acid to firm and rehydrate.

Vitamin C to brighten the under-eye area.

Essences of liquorice to lessen the appearance of dark circles.

The Genial Eye Cream can be bought individually. However, for optimal results, use in conjunction with the ALLÉL® Genial Foaming Cleanser and SPF Sun Cream.

GENIAL Foaming Cleanser

The, gentle foaming cleanser effectively removes impurities on the skin. As it works to purify the skin, this cleanser nourishes, rehydrates and rejuvenates, thus unveiling a complexion transformation of fresh and youthful luminosity.


Niacinamide/Vitamin B3 to purify and create remarkable smoothness.

Aloe Vera to soothe

Hyaluronic Acid to rehydrate

Complex of B-Vitamins to nurture, refresh and moisturise the skin.

Genial Sun Cream SPF30

The dermatologically developed sun cream provides broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection. ALLÉL®’s innovative use of advanced stem cell technology enabled them to create a moisturising sun cream that aids in both the repair and protection of cells from UV-related skin cell damage.


DNA protective anti-oxidants to thwart free radical damage.

Solar Vitis Grape Stem Cell extracts to offer protection against UV radiation.

Shea Butter and CM-Glucan to accelerate skin recovery and deeply moisturise.

To Buy:

ALLÉL® state:

“Bronze Package (Serum & Cream) – £640 Silver Package (Serum, Cream & Supplements) – £775 Gold Package (Full Box) – £1055. The products are also available to buy individually.”

“ALLÉL® is available exclusively through prestigious clinics and cosmetic dermatologists Globally. ALLÉL® initially launches with four top UK clinics:


Rozina Ali at The Cadogan Clinic, Sloane Square, London D.Thomas Clinic, London
Beacon Face & Dermatology, Dublin
EHLC Stockholm, Apelbergsgatan 60, 11137 Stockholm. EHLC Gothenburg, Stampgatan 14, 41101 Gothenburg EHLC Malmö, Hjälmaregatan 3, 21118 Malmö. Biolite Aesthetic Clinic, Dubai 

For further information visit:

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