Beyonce, Tina and Blue Ivy dressed as Salt 'n' Pepa for halloween on Beyonce's instagram page Source: Beyonce Instagram

Amazing Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Gone are the days when Halloween costumes consisted of a white sheet or your Nan’s makeup. Americans inspired the world to take the festivity to a whole new level and each year celebrity costumes get ever better. Check out some of this year’s best celebrity fright night outfits.

1.Kourtney Kardashian As A Zombie Bride

Kourtney Kardashian as Zombie Bride
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Kourtney Kardashian rocked the classic scary, yet sexy, zombie bride outfit.

2.Beyoncé, Blue Ivy, And Tina Knowles Were Salt-N-Pepa

Beyonce, Blue Ivy as Salt-N-Pepa
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How cute does this trio look? We did not expect Beyoncé to channel Salt-N-Pepa, but we are impressed.

3.Halle Berry And Her Daughter Nahla As Scary Skeletons

Halle Berry and daughter as skeletons
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Halle Berry and daughter Nahla’s skeleton costumes were scarily realistic – enough to be horror movie worthy.

4.Jessica Alba And Her Friend Were Edina And Pasty (Ab Fab)

Jessica Alba and friend dressed as ab fab stars
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What better shout-out could there possibly be to the awesome comedy Absolutely Fabulous? We think this duo inspo is brilliant.

5.Leona Louis Was A Futuristic Space Alien

Leona Lewis halloween
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Leona Lewis never fails to impress, and this year she nailed the space alien vibe.

6.Pixie Lott As A Sexy Cat

Pixie Lott as a cat
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As always, Pixie Lott looked stunning  – this year dressed as a pur-fect cat.

7.Kylie Jenner As Christina Aguilera From Music Video ‘Dirty’ And Tyga As Rapper, Juelz Santana

Kylie Jenner And Tyga
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Kylie Jenner and her boyfriend Tyga looked incredible as they took to an L.A party rocking these outfits.

8.Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom As Hilary Clinton And Donald Trump

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom as Hilary and Donald
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The Internet went crazy over Katy Perry and boyfriend Orlando Bloom’s choice of costumes – for one night they pulled out all the stops becoming Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump, and even brought with them a fleet of Secret Service agents! The pair certainly stole the show for the most effort and most awesome costumes!

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