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Taboo or a must do?

Anal Bleaching- Taboo Or A Must Do?

Anal Bleaching-  Taboo or a must do? 

Some of you may skip this article because of the sheer stigma about even mentioning anything to do with this area. While some may want to skip but are in fact a little curious about this taboo topic. Is Anal Bleaching still a taboo or a must do? I like to think of myself as open minded and willing to listen to all kinds of weird and wonderful things. And this topic is no different.


Anal bleaching is the process of lightening the colour of the skin around the anus. A way of matching colour of the anus with the rest of the skin. Achieved by using off the counter cream or at a specialised salon.

A trend set by a porn star/adult entertainer in 2005 and recorded on the popular show Dr 90210. In addition to this, it got mentioned in the hit movie, Bridesmaids in 2011. This then catapulted the trend in to a frenzy from then on.

In 2011, Cosmopolitan Magazine revealed the increase and fascination became more apparent to mainstream individuals not just those in the adult entertainment business or celebrities.

The trend has expanded to bleaching your entire intimate area so you have no darker areas noticeable to the human eye. Too much? Possibly, but it is an individual’s choice. And unless the timid housewife goes on Facebook to reveal bleaching her anus and her vajayjay, we will never know who has!

Don't knock until you have tried it!
Don’t knock until you have tried it!


Selected salons or creams. A great site that provides some amazing products according to customers is Even this made me chuckle but it’s definitely a site name I will remember. anal bleaching