Are Skinny Jeans Out?

Lately we have seen a number of celebrities rocking a new kind of denim look – and it doesn’t include skinny jeans. Does this mean our favourite skinny jean style is finally wearing thin? Well, no, there’s no need to wave goodbye to those skinny jeans just yet, but you might want to check out these fab new denim designs.

1.The Seventies Flare

Jessica Alba in flares
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Jessica Alba, Kendall Jenner, and many more celebrities have been spotted wearing 70’s style flared jeans – and they look absolutely awesome. This is a great style that can look super flattering. If you are shorter, find a pair of jeans that are slightly slimmer at the top, and which fall practically down to the heels. Doing this will immediately give your legs a more elongated appearance. Finally, pair up with some heels and a pretty top.

2.Cropped Jeans

Audrey Hepburn
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To accomplish this very Audrey Hepburn style, remember to look for jeans with a high waist, offering more support. In addition, you will want to avoid the ‘I’ve just accidentally shrunk my jeans in the washer/drier’ look, so opt for some very strappy heels that, instead, will give off a look that is sweet but sexy.

3.Boyfriend Jeans
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Boyfriend jeans can make you appear effortlessly sexy. Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, and Sarah Jessica Parker are all fans of this style. Again, should you be shorter and slightly pair shaped, then to pull off this look make sure you find jeans that are slimmer fitting at the thighs, with the more relaxed area just below the knee – this will prevent a short appearance. As before, these jeans look gorgeous with strappy heels and a stripy or flowery top.

4.Denim Dress

nicole richie
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If dresses are more your thing, you are in luck. The denim dress has made a comeback. Opt for a sassy belt to accentuate your slim figure and some cute heels, or calf-length boots to compliment this pretty style.


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