Keep calm and breathe
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Are You A Sore Loser?

If anyone watches the show ‘Come Dine With me,’ they will have been shocked at the outrageous manner in which contestant Peter Marsh responded to coming last in the competition. In fact, Peter’s tantrum was so bad, he has since been branded ‘Channel Four’s worst loser.’ Peter’s strop quickly went viral and he is likely to suffer the consequences for some time to come. So, in light of this, we thought it might be a good idea to find ways to stay cool and accept defeat graciously, thus preventing a potential onslaught from social media.

1.Be Gracious

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No one likes to lose. What could be worse than losing? The answer is: being a bad loser. The general advice is that even if you feel duped or wronged in some way, never indulge your inner demon and embark upon a massive rant of sorts. Instead, smile graciously, and save your cursing until you are safely alone (and out of sight from cameras).

2.Congratulate The Winner

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Should you wish to appear gracious, and then time is most certainly of the essence. Shake hands with the winner, and congratulate him/her, (even if you secretly wish they’d drop the trophy). Keeping a calm and pleasant demeanour and coming across as professional and well-mannered will score you endless points, and you can walk away knowing you haven’t let yourself down.

3.Do Some Deep Breathing

Keep calm and breathe
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If you feel as though you cannot keep in your anger or frustration, excuse yourself for a moment and go to the bathroom. Take a minute to do some deep breathing, perhaps counting slowly to ten, and try to access your inner peace. Once you feel composed, you can return peacefully and continue with the purpose of being the queen of graciousness.

4.Leave Quietly

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Should you feel your emotions waver, and you are on the brink of letting rip – find an excuse to leave and quietly slip away. You can’t rant at people if you are not there!

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