Are you an online shopping addict?

Do the words sale or discount code mean anything to you? Are you constantly waiting until pay day to buy all the latest clothing? Do you frequently browse online stores although you haven’t got enough money for the items you are glancing at? If your answer to the majority of those questions were yes then you may have a slight addiction to online shopping. Don’t worry it’s not the end of the world however this could lead to some major or minor cash flow problems if not dealt with in the early stages. Online shopping is much fun but it’s important for us ladies not to get carried away.


The excitement of ordering something online and waiting by your door for the delivery man to come so you can try it on for size is quite a thrilling experience. So you may be wondering. Where you go from here? What’s the cure? How do I stop browsing so much? Well the cure is pretty simple. Practice and Patience! You can learn to discipline yourself you have completely mastered the act of self-control meaning that you understand how to control your impulse actions.  This technique is easier said than done and will require a lot of Practice and Patience.


Why not try various techniques such as only buying something when you need it or use online shopping as a reward for when you feel like you’ve accomplished something. The simple task of writing out a list of items and planning when you will purchase them will help you keep a track of you online spending habits. Though it may take the excitement out a little bit, you and your bank account will be a lot better knowing that you’ve planned ahead. Don’t let the flashy shine, numerous e-mails and excitement of free next day delivery lure you in.

The next time you find yourself shopping online unnecessarily simply ask yourself some questions. Do you really need what you are about to add to your basket? How many times am I likely to wear this? Will I still like this in a couple weeks’ times?

Good Luck and happy shopping.

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