Hydra coach water bottle
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Awesome New Gadgets To Make Life Even Better

In recent years we have seen a massive surge in the invention of genius gadgets that are designed to make our lives that little bit easier. Whether your problem is unruly hair, or an endless battle to be healthy, there is a gadget for you. Check out the latest inventions guaranteed to improve daily life.

1.L’Oreal Professionnel New Generation Steampod 2.0, Amazon, £135

L'areal Professionnel new generation stamped 2
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Ladies, put your heated appliances away, and wave goodbye to unnecessary split ends. This groundbreaking hairstyling tool from L’Oreal provides a combination of steam and pro-keratin technology to calm unruly hair, creating a gorgeous silky smooth finish.

2.Withings Smart Body Analyzer, springchicken.co.uk, £129

Tithings Smart Body Analyzer
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These all singing, all dancing scales carry more weight than the average scales. No, we don’t mean you overdid it at Christmas – we are referring to its ability to measure weight, body fat percentage, heart rate, temperature, and even lets you know if there is too much C02 in the air!

The scales will automatically update your information onto any health apps you might have. Although they are a little costly, they are well worth the money.

3.The Luna Mattress, rakuten.co.uk, £99.84

Luna mattress
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All couples will identify with the common problem of agreeing on the bed temperature. You may be lucky enough not to have a partner who snores, but we very rarely find our significant other shares the same temperature preferences. Fortunately, now there is the Luna Mattress, so if you enjoy ‘el scorchio’ temperatures and your fella insists on turning the bed into a makeshift igloo, the Luna Mattress will control temperature on either side of the bed. Furthermore, this awesome mattress will provide you with sleep tracking and even a smart alarm!

4.Hydracoach Water Bottle, Amazon, £29.99

Hydra coach water bottle
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This is an amazing gadget for people who wish to be a little more aware of their health and water consumption. We are supposed to drink 2 litres of H2O each day –  this invention keeps score, letting you know exactly how much you have drank and, of course, how many more times you need to turn the tap on!