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Beauty Stocking Filler Gifts So Good, You Will Want To Keep

Tomorrow will mark the beginning of December, which means an array of parties and a mission to grab all the best gifts for your loved ones in time for Christmas. Our team have found awesome beauty gifts guaranteed to make the most incredible Christmas stockings

1.Allure Filigree Heart Sterling Silver & White Crystal Pendant With Chain, Tresor Paris, £77,


tremor paris ring

Ensure all of her Christmases feel like they’ve been rolled into one with the stunningly beautiful and intricately designed crystal necklace by Tresor Paris. Should you wish to treat her to something truly precious and unique, this 18CT white gold-plated sterling silver necklace created with Tresor Paris Crystals would be the ultimate stocking gift surprise.

Why not make her Christmas unbelievably special by gifting the matching Allure Filigree Heart Sterling Silver & White Crystal Earrings, too? Available from, priced at £97.

tresor paris earrings

2.Cocoa Brown One Hour Instant Tan (150ml), £5.29, Superdrug

Cocoa Brown one hour tan

Whether you are looking for a beauty product for your daughter, friend, GF or sister, you cannot go wrong with the Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan Mousse by Marissa Carter. Given the fast development time and seamless results, this stocking filler gift will be gratefully received this party season!

3.Natura Siberica Northern Soap For Deep Facial Cleansing, £11.99,

natura siberica soap

This is probably one of the best soaps ever made and features activated carbon, a proven compound for effectively removing impurities from deep within the skin. Formulated with carefully selected herbs and berries form northern Siberia this incredible deep cleanser is packed with oils and vitamins to guarantee your complexion is not only clear but also radiant and crazy-soft. Natura Siberica’s Northern Soap is a must-have stocking filler gift for those who love natural and effective skincare.

4.No Bleeding Lips Secret Lip Liner, £12.50,

no bleeding lip liner
Credit: know

If only there was a product that enabled us to wear our lipstick without fear of bleeding, feathering or enhancing the unwanted age lines. Ladies, this worry can be a distant memory with the Secret Lip Liner in your handbag arsenal. Specifically created to address these concerns the No Bleeding Lips Liner provides an invisible line around the lips, acting as a temporary filler treatment by diminishing the appearance of lines in the corners of the lips.

This is the go-to liner for any lipstick shade and offers a well-defined pout without any sign of bleeding or feathering. Who wouldn’t want this in their stocking?

5.Hair Rehab Synthetic Wrap Ponytail, £24.99,

hair rehab london

Hair Rehab’s instant and natural looking ponytail made from their true to life hair fibre is the perfect stocking filler gift for all those with a jam-packed social calendar. The sleek but synthetic hair fibre measures 20 inches in length, is so easy to apply and available in 17 shades.  The faux hair piece looks so realistic you will almost forget it is not your own tresses!

6.Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation, £45,

oxygeentix foundation

Searching for the right foundation is like some sacred calling, and once you find ‘the one’ life will run that much smoother. This has to be our most favourite foundation, ever! Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation packs a powerful punch of exceptionally clever science and outstanding results. Formulated to provide flawless coverage whilst simultaneously acting like a breathable second skin, the foundation is a must-have for anyone and is particularly useful for covering redness or problem areas. Furthermore, if you have any aesthetic treatments, this is the one foundation you can apply and it will actually aid your skin’s recovery whilst concealing any giveaway signs of cosmetic treatments. This is a priceless gem for her Christmas stocking!

7.Philip Kingsley Elasticizer (150ml), £31,


Beautiful locks have never been so easy to achieve with the Philip Kinglsey Elasticizer in your bathroom cabinet. This amazing pre-shampoo product will revive dry, dull hair, transforming it into bouncy, full and lustrous locks that you and everyone else will adore. Amazing beauty gift, check!

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