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Beauty Tips You Can’t Afford To Miss

Ladies, there is a vast array of ever-growing beauty products, and with them comes a host of potential beauty disasters. However, if you follow these beauty tips provided by beauty genius, Charlotte Tilbury, and you can kiss goodbye (with a perfect pout) to those beauty issues we all know and hate.

1.Always Prep Your Skin Fully

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Let’s get down to the basics – without a properly moisturised or primed face, you are not going to get the perfect look. World-renowned makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury recommends preparing the skin with a good moisturiser to hydrate the skin. Allow a few minutes for the moisturiser to soak in and then apply a radiance primer to soften any lines and pores, giving you a good base for your foundation.

2.Full Coverage Foundation And Concealer

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Using a complexion brush, Charlotte suggests blending in a full coverage foundation. This will diminish the appearance of blemishes, pores, and any redness. Follow this by dabbing a little concealer under the eyes and any other areas that might need extra attention.

3.Light Reflector

Highlighter/light reflecting cream
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Light reflecting creams work miracles for those who want a flawless finish. By reflecting away light, dark circles and eye bags disappear.

4.Precision Brush Eyebrow Pencil

Diorshow eyebrow pencil
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Using a really good eyebrow pencil will dramatically change your overall look. Perfecting the eyebrow and softly filling in any stark areas, you can create the perfect brow. This, Charlotte says, is of upmost importance as they are the pillars of the face, and can create an immediate lift.

5.Avoid Panda Eyes

Panda eyes
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If we are honest we will all hold our hands up to experiencing the unfortunate panda eye. This happens when eyeliner and / or mascara melts into the area beneath the eyes, creating the dreaded panda look. In order to avoid this, Charlotte suggests 2 fantastic tips. Firstly, invest in very good mascara. Secondly, use a compact powder with an emollient, and gently dab under the eyes to prevent smudging. A loose powder is no good, as it will draw focus on creases and encourage the unwanted smudged appearance.

6.Chocolate Eyeliner

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By blending a chocolate liner into the lower lash line, you will mirror the lash line, thus creating a lift, and a wider-looking eye. Et Voila – Charlotte Tilbury, we thank you.



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