Picture of woman curling her eyelashes

Beauty Tools We Can’t Live Without

We ladies cannot live without the favourite items in our makeup bags. Essential items in our makeup bag are our essential beauty tools. Here are five beauty tools we can’t live without.

1. Eye shadow brush

Picture of eyeshadow brush applying eyeshadow to eye

                                        Essential eye shadow brush

This is an essential tool for shading and highlighting our brows. Without this tool in our makeup bag we would probably look less photo shoot Sally and more bodge-it Barry.

2. Tweezers

3 pairs of tweezers


Who can go far without this beauty tool? This is a vital item in most ladies’ bags, to pluck away the odd rogue stray hair. We couldn’t be without them.

3. Eyelash curlers

Picture of woman curling her eyelashes

                                                 Eyelash curlers

Who needs false lashes when you have a pair of eyelash curlers in your essential beauty kit? A couple of layers of mascara, and curled eyelashes will transform dry and tired eyes, into those of a sultry goddess.

4. Compact mirror


                                            Compact mirror

This is most certainly the one item practically all ladies cannot live without. This imperative to our existence tool fits perfectly into our makeup bag. It doesn’t matter where we go, or what we do – as long as we have our compact mirror, we can’t go far wrong.

5. Eyebrow brush

picture of a blue eye and groomed eyebrow

                                           Well-groomed eyebrows

Like our eye shadow brush, our eyebrow brush is equally as important. Before a night out or the morning after – beautiful and well-groomed eyebrows can quickly turn your appearance from dishevelled to diva.

6. Nail file

picture of a green glass nail file

                                                         Nail file

Because you never know when you are going to break a nail – but you know it is inevitable.

7. Foundation brush

Picture of a makeup brush

                                                Foundation brush

Foundation brushes are like gold dust. Being in a hurry first thing in the morning, and attempting to apply your foundation when you are still half asleep, and without a brush, will ultimately produce a patchy face. What is worse, you may not even notice until lunchtime. Be safe, not sorry – and make sure this is one of the beauty tools you cannot live without!

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