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Being Cheated On: Is It Good For You?

Cheating, or ‘micro-cheating’ as it is recently termed, recently hit the headlines, and the question being asked is whether being cheated on can ever be good for you. Vernon Kay and Tess Daly have just returned from a make-or-break holiday following the revelations that Vernon had allegedly been ‘sexting’ another person. For anyone who has not been on planet Earth for the past year, sexting is the act of flirting via text or social media platforms.

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Now, before anyone starts spitting his or her lunch at the computer screen, we are in no way condoning this act, but can this type of betrayal can help us on some level – such as opening our eyes to potential future problems of this nature? People are currently asking whether sexting can be forgiven, or if it can even go as far as strengthening your relationship. We feel the answer to the second consideration is, DUH!

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Sexting is a form of modern day flirting. Many couples consider face-to-face flirting with other people to be harmless fun, of which in most cases, people in relationships do not take further. However, it must be said that there are other people who will use ‘traditional’ flirting and sexting for further gain.

Sexting is not face-to-face flirting, and for this reason it could be seen as secretive behaviour from the outset. This act could be fobbed off as just an ego boost, but as with all flirtatious behaviour, it could be regarded as a way of fishing or opening the floodgates for more to happen.

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If you know your partner would be hurt, or you feel the need to hide what you are doing, then it probably isn’t a good idea. Everyone knows that once the trust has gone, the relationship is pretty much dead in the water. Of course a lot depends on your situation.

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We must conclude that the only way we can deem being cheated on as remotely beneficial, is for the minute few who actually realise the consequences of their actions and seek to actively change. Yes, being cheated on would prepare you for the future, but it could also taint your perception of any future partner – and a world of cynicism is never good.


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