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The Best Halloween Costumes of 2016

With the vast array of scary clowns and Donald Trump impersonators running amok, you could be forgiven for thinking the Halloween festivities began a month ago. Halloween is in fact a week away – and with all the craziness happening in the world, there are no shortages for Halloween costumes this year. Let’s take a look at a few that promise to be unbelievably popular this year.

1.Donald Trump

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Donald trump’s antics has ensured there are no shortage of onlookers ready to ridicule this man. This year Mr Trump will be an obvious choice for adult parties – but be warned, with the realistic Trump head masks available, be careful you don’t get lynched!

2.Dr Strange

Benedict Cumberbatch dr strange
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Everyone loves Benedict Cumberbatch, and with the new movie ready for release, we can expect to see a few Dr’s Strange on the dance floor.

3. Harley Quinn /The Joker

Harley Quinn and Joker
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We all loved the tongue-in-cheek film Suicide Squad, and there’s a little bit of Harley Quinn lurking somewhere in most of us. The Harley Quinn outfit is sure to be a winner this year.

If you are heading out with your fella, the obvious choice has for your man has to be the Joker – after all this pair are inseparable!

4.Dead Pool

A gif of Deadpool
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Ryan Reynolds made Deadpool the funniest movies released in a long time, and the unforgettable outfit will be the ideal men’s costume for parties everywhere (and will give you the perfect excuse for misbehaving).

5.Kylo Ren

A gIF of Kylo Ren
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Watch out Star Wars fans, for the dark side awaits. If you are hooked on the latest Star Wars instalment, opt for this extra cool costume – and don’t forget your lightsaber!

6.Captain America

Captain America
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We may be slightly swayed by our Captain America crush, but guys – should you be stuck for an outfit and the above-mentioned ones don’t cut the mustard, Captain America is always a winner!

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