Paul mitchell freeze and shine spray
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The Best Products For Super-Shiny Hair

Sleek and super-shiny hair is trending amongst celebrities, with the likes of Cheryl Cole, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Biel, and Kendall Jenner all sporting this fabulous look.

The festive season is upon us, spurring us on to find a product which can create an ultra-glossy and shiny finish – without breaking the bank. But where can mere mortals find such a product? FRUK has done the hard work to seek out the best, reasonably priced products your hair will love!

1.Paul Mitchell Firm Style Freeze & Shine Super Spray, £33.25,

Paul mitchell freeze and shine spray
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This amazing formula offers sun protection, (for when we finally get some) whilst the firm-holding styling resins ensure perfect hold and memory. Combining algae, aloe, henna, jojoba, and rosemary guarantees incredibly conditioned and shiny hair.

2.Moroccan Oil Treatment, £31.85,

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Moroccan oil is the go-to treatment for hair repair and creating shine. After washing and conditioning your hair, apply a little amount from roots to the tips. This exceptionally moisturizing and nourishing oil really works hard to restore your hair to health, giving it beautiful shine.

3.Aesop Shine, £23,

Aesop Shine is the ideal alternative to any silicone based products, and is best suited to dry/frizzy hair. This lightweight oil is super-hydrating, transforming dry strands into conditioned, lustrous locks. Fruk loves this!

Aesop shine oil
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4.Lee Stafford Shine Head Spray, £5.99, Boots

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Should you be on your way to a fabulous party, with zero time to prepare, Lee Stafford’s Shine Head Spray will guarantee you achieve gorgeous shine in an instant. No matter what your hair style or hair type, this shine spray will be a winner!

5.GHD Reflection Spray Final Shine, $27.99, Amazon

GHD reflection spray
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These days leaving the house without heat-styling is a no-no. However, this will undoubtedly damage the hair. GHD has come to our hair-shiny needs by creating this amazing, all-singing, all-dancing spray. With anti-frizz, anti-static, and UV protected spray will keep our heat-styled locks looking extra glossy, shiny, and downright gorgeous!


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