Beth Ditto Unveils S/S 2016 Clothing Collection

Controversial singer Beth Ditto has unveiled her plus-size clothing line, designed with the aim of encouraging women to love and accept their bodies. The Gossip frontwoman, who rose to fame in 2006 with the single ‘Standing in the Way of Control’, has made headlines regularly throughout her career for her open discussions about both her size and sexuality. Beth created a buzz late last year when she announced that she would be designing her own collection, and now, to the excitement of her fans, the pieces have finally been revealed.

These designs are part of the star’s first stand-alone collection, with Beth having proved her flare for fashion in 2009 after collaborating with plus-size brand Evans. She has described her new line as ‘Uncompromising, unapologetic, and timeless. Go-to pieces designed to last. A movement by us, for us’. The outspoken singer commented on the need for women to accept their bodies, telling the Sunday Times ‘Women don’t want to stay fat, but the truth is for the majority of us is, we will. And there needs to be a collection that’s without apology – not just accepting that we are fat but that that’s okay. You can still take care of your body and be fat.’

Beth proudly wears the title ‘fat, feminist lesbian from Arkansas’, and believes that capitalism is the main root behind judgemental attitudes and prejudice towards larger women, causing a universal view that plus-size women are inferior. Married to Kristin Ogata, the singer has expressed that her opinions on gender and sexuality are just as open minded as her views on body image and beauty. Following in Kurt Cobain’s footsteps who claimed that ‘Everyone is gay’, Beth expanded on his quote, saying ‘Even if you don’t act on it. Everyone is a little bit gay.’

Talking about the collection, the singer-turned-designer has described the line as being a portrayal of her career journey, from an edgy punk-rocker to appearing in numerous fashion campaigns, most notably known for working with Marc Jacobs. With eleven pieces in total, the collection boasts vibrant prints, bold materials and vintage detailing. Each item will be available in sizes 18 to 32, and had been designed with quality in mind. ‘I wanted to make pieces to last years,’ commented Beth. ‘Beyond trends, beyond chain stores. I wanted to create something all its own, something just for us, made with love and consideration. Made ethically in the USA as a small company with no big corporate input’. The collection launched yesterday, on Monday 15th February, and is available on, or in Selfridges in London.
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