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Black-owned brands to support now and always

We are a Black-owned business and very proud of our little accomplishments so far. However, we’ve experienced racism first hand. We understand the racial problems people of colour face everyday in the industry. I created FRUK Magazine for this reason, offering a platform where creatives around the world can connect and also showcase their work. A place where your brand is acknowledged, loved and appreciated no matter your race, background or location.

After the unfair death of 46-year-old African-American George Floyd; the fashion industry is showing more support for the Black Lives Matter movement. But, it’s not enough to make statements and posts on social media; everyone wants to see real change. As the protests continues across the world raising international voices, many have been sharing ways white people can be allies and this is great. But knowledge is power, now is the time to educate yourself about the history of racism; spread awareness, donate to black charities and invest in Black-owned brands and businesses.

Additionally, did you know that only five percent of white-owned businesses feel they will not survive due to the pandemic; while over twenty percent for black-owned businesses?! In brief, black people/businesses are constantly facing more financial, emotional and physical hurdles. Mostly because they don’t have the same access to resources and opportunities like white people.

Surely, it would be great to see racial diversity in all industries; representation and inclusion in the highest rankings in both luxury beauty and fashion corporations. High end companies stocking black products as well as collaborating with upcoming black brands and creatives. Specifically, people of colour in leadership, managerial and also executive roles.

Racism against black people needs to stop and racism of any kind needs to stop, period! It’s exhausting and so tiring especially during these challenging times. And even though we look strong, powerful, beautiful, full of life and like they say black don’t crack; there’s only so much we can take. Well, on a brighter note, the Black Lives Matter movement and sad death of George Floyd has most certainly changed the world. As a result of this, everyone including white people are stepping up. In fact, everyone is sharing their favourite Black-owned brands and businesses on Instagram; so we’ve put together our best-loved upcoming and established Black-owned fashion and beauty brands to invest in and support now and always.


Radiant Glow Botanical

Carol’s Daughter

Uoma Beauty

Juvias Place

Pattern Beauty

Iman Cosmetics

Path Mcgrath



Laquan Smith

Andrea Iyamah

Nubian Skin

Kai Collective

Estee Lane

Orange Culture

Thebe Magugu

S.F Jewellery


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In the midst of it all, we still smile.

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